December 4, 2013

Deck the shelves!

I know the song says "Deck the halls...," but as I was looking around my living room on Sunday afternoon, it occured to me that I deck out my shelves.  This time of year they are full of Christmasy trinkets and pine branches and berries and angels and well, my halls don't know much of Christmas.  But my shelves.  Oh my shelves are decorated to the max.

 Shelf #1: Dining room

 Shelf #2:  Kitchen
 Shelf #3:  Living room

 Shelf #4: Living room
 Shelf #5:  Living room....still
 Shelf #6:  Last of the living room
Clealry, I'm a shelf-aholic.

This however, sits on the end table by our couches.  In the past, I've hung this on the wall with a collage of other things, but I wanted it to be more of a focal point this year.  It's easy for me to get lost in cards and cookies and presents and Hallmark movies and I forget that all this is about Him.
My halls may be lacking, but my shelves are ready. 

More importantly, so is my tree.  I not only surrendered to the burlap trend, but moreso, I surrendered to burlap chevron printed ribbon for my tree.  I usually take a while to jump on board with trends - especially when it comes to trends for home decor.  (Such as burlap anything and the chevron print on everything - both very popular movements.)  But, I decided to be like everyone else on Pinterest and give in to my burlap and chevron desires. It's more rustic and earthy this year and I really do love how it turned out.
Happy decorating to you too.  May your shelves be full and may the burlap you wrap around the bottom of your tree not get over your clothes.

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  1. Lovely! Those little skates are too cute. No burlap here, but after writing my (sparkly) Christmas cards, I do have glitter all over everything. Raj is roughly as delighted by that as I imagine Todd would be.