February 22, 2014


February is almost gone?  It's nearly Jacob's birthday and I have monster decorations that still need making.  The big 33 is coming up for me in a few weeks.  Spring is basically here and time is flying by as it has a tendency of doing.

Winter is starting to disappear in my neck of the woods.  Glory. 

This means I get to wear my fun clothes and sandals and we can have the windows and not feel like we're going to die when we step outside anymore.  One day this week, we even needed the AC.  The warm-up also means it's time to play in the water again.  Tommy's favorite.
Valentine's Day rocked this year.  Mostly, because I was spoiled.  Rotten.  Initially when Todd didn't walk in the door with flowers that evening, my heart sank a little bit with disappointment.  But he said he had other things in mind and I should maybe trust him.  He had made reservations at our favorite Italian restaurant so we got to walk right in and sit down. And after dinner, he took me shopping.  A charm for my bracelet, shoes, and a couple of new tops.  Also, who needs flowers, when you can have SHOES? 
PS - My feet are now ready for spring, says my coral flats and fabulous Gianni Bini sandals that will go with everything.

I asked Tommy to get all of his toys off the floor the other night.  And well.....he did.
I know our kids won't be young forever and there may actually come a day that I wish for a sight of toy trucks lining the top of my sofa.

The horrifying, terrifying, disgusting stomach bug of 2014 found Todd and I a couple of nights ago.  Wednesday evening we both got sick almost at the exact same time - literally out of nowhere.  I have not been that violently ill in years, and neither has Todd who called in sick to work.  In all of the years I have known him, that was the first time he has EVER called in sick.  Thankfully, Todd's mom came to get the boys so we could try to keep germs and such contained so that they wouldn't catch it.  Also, why is it that plain toast only ever tastes good when you are recovering from something like that?
He hasn't caught the tummy bug, but my poor baby is teething so bad and is so incredibly miserable.  And sometimes he falls asleep in my arms and I can't bear to lay him down.  He will be a year old in six days.  Oh my heart.
 Enjoy the rest of your February folks.  Hope it's as warm as mine and stomach-bug free!


  1. SHOES!!! What a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Love those Gianni Bini sandals...of course I'm wondering if we'll ever be able to wear sandals again or if I'm now destined to a lifetime in riding boots & uggs with this crazy winter we've had!

  2. I cannot believe that February is nearly over! How is time flying so quickly?!

    SO with you ... shoes over flowers ANYDAY! Glad you were spoiled this V day :)

    I'm so ready for warmer weather ... but we're suppose to have another snow storm Tuesday and Wednesday :(