March 6, 2014

Monster Mash

I'm a big theme-party thrower.  It simply wouldn't be like me to do a birthday without a selected theme.  When the boys get older, I'm almost sure they'll be over the theme-thing and I'll have to mourn my party losses and remember the good ol' days of the Spiderman and Cowboys and Monster parties of their past.

Over the weekend we had a little celebration for Jacob's birthday.  I selected monsters to be the theme, because well, have you met Jacob?  He's adorable, but he has the personality of a little monster - he even growls like one.  It seemed to suit him.
I had fun scouring Pinterest ideas on this one.  Like sticking googly eyes to everything.
For Tommy's 2nd birthday, I made one of those elaborate and colorful birthday banners.  And it was so much work and so incredibly time consuming that I held on to it with the hopes of being able to use it for something again.  Thankfully, Jacob's monster party became the perfect theme to go with the recycled banner.  My favorite creation were my paper lantern monster faces.  Seriously people, party decorations are my love language. 
My talented mother-in-law (with the help of my awesome sister-in-law Tiffany also) painted some fun monsters on a box so kids could sit inside and take pictures.
I attempted both a monster cake and monster cupcakes, both of which were okayish.  I can craft with a glue gun all day long, but give me frosting and baked goods and my hands don't work anything like my brain does.  Cake decorating is not my strong suit.  Hence, the "monster" cupcakes which mostly look like disturbed smiley faces.  I tried.
Jacob's most favorite present was a ball he received.  Tommy was never in to playing with balls and chasing them around, but it's already Jacob's favorite past time.  That's if you don't include climbing up Mommy's legs.  When I took the ball out of the bag his face lit up and it's basically all he has played with since Saturday.
Now, if you can remember way back to the day when Tommy had his first birthday party, you might remember that he cried when we sang Happy Birthday and then wanted nothing to do with his cake.  My one-year old mother's heart was broken, because the pay-off for having a one-year old kid party is to watch what they do with their cake, right?  I had high hopes that Jacob would put on a good cake smashing show.

And?  He did.
  Oh did he ever! 
He ate every lost crumb.  Every lick of frosting.  He was sucking the high chair tray when we finally took him out of his cupcake coma.  He was a mess!
It was a sweet time celebrating our little guy.  It was a very sweet time for Jacob who now knows the wonders of sugary filled desserts.

My little Jacob-monster.  I do love you so.

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  1. Amazing, as usual. You should have a show on HGTV.

    Your little guy looks even more like Todd with the yellow frosting beard!