May 15, 2015

Motherhood Eucharisteo

Little faces covered in fudge popsicles, all drippy and sticky.

Snuggles and singing before bedtime and "I luh-you mama" from my littlest.

Learning how to vaccum and do chores like a big person.  Glory.

Conversations about God and Jesus, and our greatest enemy: Satan.  And when I tell Tommy how the enemy does whatever he can to get us to do or say bad things, or even believe things that aren't true, his innocent reply of "Satan isn't the boss of me.  I'll never listen to him!"  Oh Jesus, let it be so.....

Lego spaceships and train engines and superheroes and stuffed monkeys.

Small toes and magical blue eyes and loud laughter.

 Tears from a boy when he knew he had hurt me deeply.  And His grace there in the moments where we both had failed.

Children's glee in spring sunset.  And His light covering them, shining over and through.

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