February 28, 2011

Dad's 50th Birthday

It's a big birthday year in our family. My Grammy's 75th, my Dad's 50th and my 30th. And they all happen one right after another. Next up was my dad's big day.

On Saturday, a huge group of his friends and family gathered at a barbecue place to celebrate his big day.

Singing Happy Birthday. A blurry picture by yours truly.
My dad has been quite indignant about heading into his 50's. He has rebelled by growing out his hair (by his own admission). Since he has felt so old, I decided to make him feel even older by getting him a bag of gag gifts for some essentials that he might need to hang onto as he ages...
The best reaction was when he took out the designer Depends for men. (Another awesome picture of a ceiling fan and only part of his reaction). I made him open the gifts in front of everyone. Good times. Great laughs.
The latter half of the party, we got to enjoy some entertainment thanks to Ruben V - my dad's favorite musician/guitarist. The man has some serious skills on an electric guitar. A few songs in, my dad got up there to sing an original that he had written and got to sing with Ruben and his band. I still remember a time when my dad hated being on stage and singing in front of people, so it was awesome to see him front and center jamming out in front of all his friends.
Birthdays are all about celebrating life. The older we get, the more of life we have lived. The older we get, the more our stories evolve and unfold. And sometimes, the older we get, the more we transform into the image of Christ.
I remember last December hearing my dad say something I haven't forgotten. It was in the midst of probably one of the hardest conversations we've ever had to date. He told me that one of his "rules" is that everything that happens to him, purposes to transform him more into being like Christ. He sees all of his circumstances and encounters with others to push him to change and call him to more. Basically, his heart's desire is to be more like Christ. He is open and vocal about that desire - and that, is something I admire him for.

Happy Birthday Dad! I'm glad you're birthday was as rockin' as you are!

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  1. How neat - my dad turned 50 this year in January and I turn 30 in Sept, too!