March 15, 2011

The Zoo was a zoo

I've never been a big zoo fan. I remember going a few times when I was little and all I could remember of it was how stinky it was and feeling sad that I couldn't ride the elephants. So, having my own children, I decided I was probably going to have to get over my distaste for the zoo, especially since Tommy has a pretty big interest in animals. Or so I thought...

Last Friday, Todd had the day off of of work. So we decided to take our first family trip to the zoo. We had still yet to take Tommy to experience such a thing and it seemed like the perfect time to go. Friday was a beautiful day - cool in the morning and comfortably warm in the afternoon.

"What are we doing?!"
At first, he was very excited to see some of the animals - though most of them seemed to be sleeping or not wanting to make a public appearance.
Tommy had other ideas of fun for that day though. He just wanted to run free. And play in dirt.
He was pretty unimpressed with the fishies.
But water...everywhere there was water he was trying to climb or crawl over something to get to it. Poor baby was ready to go swimming. Todd played with him in a little waterfall that we found.
He tried to climb over walls and wanted to get through fences and bars - especially if water was behind them. He's too cute....
My boys look so serious.
They were looking at turtles. And I suppose they looked pretty serious too.
We snapped a quick cheek-to-cheek photo. It was kind of like a date. Just smellier.
Since I was doing all of the picture taking, I wanted to get at least one with Tommy, but he wouldn't have any of it. He wanted to run free!
Towards the end of our trip, we found a little area for smaller children. They had a little water feature and he was so excited about it that we just let him get as wet as he could. We know for next time to bring a change of clothes or have him wear something he can get wet in since he spent his entire visit trying to get to water.

I'm sure we'll try the zoo again at some point. He didn't seem too terribly interested in the animals and I found that surprising. Since we were outside most of the time I think he just wanted to play - especially with the water. I have a feeling I have a waterpark kid and not a zoo kid. And if there's one place I dislike more than the zoo, it would most definitely be a waterpark.

All in all, we had a fun time together. It was fun to go out as a little family and enjoy a gorgeous spring day. I love that Tommy enjoys the outdoors so much - it encourages me to get out more and be more active. I have a water-loving little boy to keep up with!

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  1. Do you have any of those parks that have the water fountain things for the kids to play in? My kids love those, even the older kids lol. I would just take an umbrella, lawn chair and book and let them play :)