April 6, 2011

The Faces on my Couch

I have a couch. It's leather and dark cherry brown and it's comfortable too I suppose.

But my couch is special. It's special because of the faces that come and sit with me there. The couch holds the faces of people dear to my heart. The couch is special because of the stories shared, the struggles fought for, and the laughs or tears had on it with various women in my life.

I guess since I became a mom, more often than not, my social life happens at my house, on my couch. Rather than out a restaurant over a margarita or a cup of Starbucks. My couch has become kind of this sacred place where not only do I have my quiet time and journal before Tommy wakes up or I head off to work, but it's become a place where precious women come to sit and share their hearts and life with me.

Sometimes it's Anna. My cousin and friend. We talk about our obsession with Bravo and the Real Housewives. We talk about our family. We talk about our longings and dreams and struggles. We talk about how we have seen one another transform throughout the years. We offer each other life and encouragement and truth.

Sometimes it's Sarah. We try to meet up once a month and share breakfast and coffee on my day off of work and before she has to go in to work. We talk about life and where we are struggling, where we are wanting more and needing more. Our visits leave us both feeling rejuvenated and grateful for deep friendship.

Sometimes it's Mal. We talk about married life quite often -where we struggle, where we have fun, where it's hard, and where it's good. We swap cooking and baking advice and she enjoys my little boy. I love watching them interact and being near her always makes me feel more youthful and vibrant.

Sometimes it's Tiffany. Since we are sisters-in-law, we talk about family and relationships and work and all the needed gossip and drama we have to get out or otherwise explode. We are so alike that it's uncanny and being in relationship with her has always come natural and easy. We have fun together, laugh together and understand each other. And soon her face won't be appearing much on my couch anymore as she's moving away. And both me and my couch will miss her like crazy and I'm still trying to not think about it because I will cry everywhere for days when she's gone.

Sometimes it's Andrea. She comes over most every Wednesday and I've enjoyed knowing her and being known by her. I am aware of what a gift it is for her to trust me and talk to me. She reminds me where I have impact and I have enjoyed our friendship and fellowship since we started meeting on a more regular basis.

Every once in a while it's Heather and I wish she were there more. I love how she always makes herself comfortable and curls up on one end of the couch and then talks to me knowing that she belongs there and that she is safe and she can unwind and be herself and it's okay to do that there.

On a more rare occasion these days, it's sometimes Shelley. She makes herself comfortable and puts on her pj's when she comes to stay the night at our house. And we will stay up late to talk about our stories and our lives and soak each other in as our time together isn't as frequent as we'd like.

Sometimes it's Bethany or Sarah and they bring their little boys so that Tommy has someone to play with while we try to visit and talk about grown up things on the couch. We talk about motherhood and marriage and life and it always feels sad to see either of them go because they are two of my very best friends and I wish there could be more time for grown up conversation.

Lori used to come sit on my couch until she moved away. On colder nights we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato basil soup and drank coffee. And sometimes when she comes to town to visit, my couch awaits her visit and I love to listen to all of her very exciting stories about her very exciting life.

And of course there is Todd. He has seen the best and worst of me on that couch. Tear stained, sick, angry, lazy.....rested, happy, playful, seductive. We cuddle there, we cry there, we fight there, we plan there, we offer life and truth to one another there.

Interesting to think how so many friendships and conversations and REALationship happens on one couch. I hope it continues to invite more of the same over the years.

This post is dedicated to my cousin Anna who often texts me to tell me that she misses being there to sit on my couch. You inspired this post today. There's always a spot for you girl...and grape koolaid waiting for you in the fridge.


  1. oh this was just beautiful. I feel like reading this makes me want to curl up on your couch and get to know you! Beautiful heart you!

  2. Thank you for making me cry sweet, sweet tears today. It felt good. :)

    I feel so immensely blessed to be so close with a woman of your heart and character. I will never forget the day you invited me to your "couch."-I remember being FILLED with delight that you had seen me and wanted to know me better.

    I love that I have come to REALLY know you and your story. In the words of my sister "I am a different person because of my relationship with you."

    You couch is a lovely and safe place indeed. And it have everything to do with the woman who sits across from me in it.

  3. this is beautiful - someday my couch will be more cooler. like yours.:-P