April 18, 2011

Pure Enjoyment

Maybe it's his age. Maybe it's because he is almost two. Maybe it's because he wakes up saying half a dozen new words every day like "Oh cool man!" Maybe it's because his laugh is so contagious. Maybe it's because he loves to kiss everything once he realizes that it's fun or safe. Maybe it's because he still likes to cuddle in my lap for a few seconds after he wakes up from his nap.

Or maybe it's just something in me that's made some conscious effort to really enjoy where I am at right now.

Whatever it is....I have found myself enjoying Tommy and enjoying motherhood to the fullest lately. So much so, that I've risked looking like a fool in public because we PLAY everywhere we go.

Todd was out of town until Sunday, so we were left to our own devices. And we played a LOT. I lost track of how much time we spent in the swing at the park. He didn't want to get down.
He went down his first slide. I loved watching the look of thrill and unsure excitement as he barrelled down a slide made for a little boy just his size. I loved that he wanted to do it again and again. And I felt my heart surge with pride when he went down for the first time on his own without holding on to my hand.
I love the look on his face when he runs - especially when someone is coming after him.
I love that he loves to be outdoors. It's good for me for so many reasons.
But I guess most of all...I just love that I get to be his mama.
Oh Tommyboy, I love you so.....


  1. I wish I could have been there for that...I enjoy getting to be his dad. Its fun watching the daily changes...

  2. I really enjoy watching you enjoy Tommy. You make my heart long for the day when I get to enjoy my own little guy or girl and look like a "fool" because I'm playing with them everywhere I go!

  3. He's super cute and getting so big!