April 14, 2011

Blessings come through raindrops....

I heard a new song this morning. It was no coincidence that I stumbled across it twice. It was as if God said, "Have a listen daughter. You need to hear this."

I have felt broken, humbled and weepy at the words of this song, especially where I've been lately as I've been looking at my neediness. I have been sitting in some hard and uncomfortable places with God as I've been looking at the place where I feel like He himself dealt me a devastating blow years ago. I've finally invited God back into my heart into a place where it has been closed and off limits to Him for years.

The song I heard this morning felt like a gift of His gracious and beautiful care for my heart. He knows what I need. He knows how music speaks to me. He knows how using music and beautifully written lyrics softens my heart to Him. It's as if I can hear Him more clearly and am left aching to be filled with Him and wish more than anything I could feel His real and tangible nail scarred hands wrapped around me....

The song been on repeat since this morning. I'm wanting to sit here for a while and just be still and quiet.

More thoughts to come later....

LISTEN HERE if you like.

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  1. I too have been VERY touched... to the deepest part of me... by this song and the message it brings. As I said already Jenn... I love seeing your quest for wisdom and depth... You are a rare person of perception. A true seeker .... I'm thankful you are my friend.