June 6, 2011

Over and Done

"Honey, how are you feeling knowing that this is your last shift ever at Papa Johns?!"
Todd quit on Saturday. It was time to be done. And though working one more month would of left us in a more "secure" place financially, we decided it was just time.

Nine long months of pizza delivering. Nine long months of spending the majority of my weekends alone and without him. Nine long months of minimal family time. Nine long months of finding scraps of time together. Nine long months of arranging my social calendar without him. Nine long months of him feeling physically exhausted. Nine long months....

Interesting how the same amount of time takes for a baby to grow and to be born. I'm excited about what will be birthed out of the nine long months it took for us to get here. Either way, there is much LIFE to be had and celebrated now that we are over and done with the pizza delivering season of our lives!!!


  1. Yes. I agree. Nine months is enough. May all wonderful things come to you both. You work hard. And many blessings on Todd for doing whatever it take for his family!

  2. Yay! :D celebrating LIFE with you!

  3. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    Hon I am so happy that this over for you. May every day bring something new and exciting. Look for the good things and praise the Lord them. I love you very much , have a good day. Love Gramma.

  4. What a great man to do what was needed! Hope he enjoys all the family time he is now going to have.