June 7, 2011

A Day in the Life

Wake up. Get ready. Take way too long on deciding on what outfit makes me look the smallest. Put my hair up. Accessorize. Eat a bowl of cereal. Brush my teeth.

Drive in traffic.

Realize I forgot my lunch and ask Todd to bring it.

Get to work. Try to keep up with my boss. Check e-mails. Reply to e-mails. Crunch numbers. Write checks. Transfer money. Pay bills. Enter more bills. Generate invoices. Configure sales tax. Work on SBA forms. Make new files. Answer a few calls.

Check Facebook. Read a few blogs. Balance our checkbook. Eat lunch.

Get into severely hot car and burn hands on steering wheel. Make a mental note that window tinting is kind of a must. Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

Get to other job. Pay bills. Reconcile accounts. Configure stupid certified payroll.

Head home.

Check mail. Tommy's birthday invitations arrived!

Microwave a blah dinner. Acknowledge that I'm eating because I'm hungry and need fuel and not for any other reason. Give myself an invisible gold star because I'm awesome and seeing progress.

Play with Tommy. Build blocks. Play with cars. Hide under the blanket and make silly faces. Chase him around the house. Listen to him say "Hi sugar!"

Call Grammy. Make plans for Auntie's visit. Listen to Tommy say, "Grammy! Grammy!"

Get Tommy ready for bed. Read Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars and Ten Little Ladybugs and Gallop and our ABC's book. Sing our usual songs - there are four. Say our prayers. Brush his teeth. Kiss him goodnight. Turn out the light and close the door.

Pick up cars and blocks and books and flags and shoes and clothes and Elmo's and shoes that never seem to stay in my closet.

Spruce up the guest bedroom. Make the bed. Concoct an interesting window treatment using bandannas.

Sort the laundry. Throw away the trash. Water the trees.

Write a blog.

Do my workout. Take a shower. Paint my toenails. Read a chapter of my book.

Catch up on the day with Todd. Give him a kiss. Or two or three or four. Read our devotional. Say some prayers.

Turn out the light. And good night.

1 comment:

  1. ....aaaannnd, i dont think i want to ever catalog my day! youre brave! doing this would make me exhausted.
    your life is full in good ways.
    and i hope the day is soon when you wont need that gold star; i am glad that its present right now. wear with pride:)
    youre a hero to me in these places:)