September 1, 2011

Another Loss

Yesterday was a very sad day in our house. Our sweet dog Hunter left us and went to be with a new family. The reasons behind why we made the decision to find a new home for Hunter are ours and are personal. Simply put, we did what was best for our dog and what was hardest for us.

After doing some extensive calling around and searching, we found him a very loving and the most ideal of homes. A family who just had their old lab put down two weeks ago were grieving the loss of their old dog and when they got the call about Hunter, they knew they needed and wanted him to be a part of their family. They also have another dog so Hunter will have a playmate. They are an active family with two teenagers and have a huge yard for him to run around in. He will be very happy and very loved. And since they are here in town we may be able to even stop in on occasion and say hello.

And what was their gain and happiness is for sure our loss. As we sat there tearful and sad last night, my mind couldn't help but wandering to their family. Where they were celebrating and rejoicing and laughing and enjoying who was once ours.

After the man drove away with our beautiful brown lab yesterday evening, Todd and I hugged each other and cried like babies. Our dining room already feels emptier without his dog kennel by the door. It already feels weird to not hear his barking in the backyard or howling at airplanes flying over head. Todd was restless through the night and he said this morning it will take some time adjusting to not needing to wake up early so he can let Hunter out and feed him first thing.

This loss hits my husband much harder than me. Hunter was mostly his. His dream to have his own hunting dog, his companion and his friend. Giving Hunter away is a loss of many losses for Todd. Over the last year I have watched my husband give up or sell or sacrifice just about everything that he has held dear to him for a long time. And much of that has been for the sake of Tommy and me. I have felt helpless as I've watched thing after thing be sold or given up. While I don't know what all this is for or what God is doing in the heart of my husband, the only thing I do know is that He is at work doing something. He is moving in his heart in new ways, though it's painful to sit with him in it.

Todd's hands have been emptied of dreams and possessions that has almost defined him for years. I'm anxious to see and watch God fill them with something new. And I'm also grieved at having to sit where I am, watching, and unable to do anything but comfort and love on this man that God gave me. I hate feeling helpless and like I can't fix something for him or make him feel better. But perhaps this part of my husband's heart is only for God to come in and fill with something great.

We will miss our sweet Hunter.
We are comforted knowing that he will be well loved and attended to. And we are sad he had to go.
And I am hopeful for my husband.
I am hopeful for where God will show up in new dreams and new things and new places.


  1. there is loss... i am hopeful... i hope that God will fill the empty places in my heart. i am sad and it will take getting used to but i am glad that he will have the love and attention he deserves.
    here is to what lies ahead.

  2. So sorry for your loss, Jenn. I have had to say good bye to two labs in my life, and it is really hard. I hope that someday, when circumstances are different, God will bring another dog into your lives. I know that emptiness in the house once they are gone. :-(