August 31, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from long stemmed sunflowers, petals facing morning sunlight.

I am from Daddy's fajitas fresh off the charcoal grill and the sound of acoustic guitars. From dancing on his feet and reading Bible stories before bedtime.

I am from dipping pretzels and wearing aprons and learning how to cook from my mother. I am from hot glue guns and handmade dresses and decorated wreaths. I am from creativity and beauty and the sound of laughter.

I am from Grammy's costume jewelry and bracelets missing gems. From paperdolls and pie-cookies and freshly washed sheets drying on the line. From reading books and feeling her fingers comb through my hair.

I am from throwing a football in crisp November air and melted whipped cream on hot pumpkin pie. From watching Home Alone every Thanksgiving night. I am from Christmas mornings eating cinnamon rolls and finding silly putty and chocolate coins in my stocking. From reading Luke 2 before we opened presents.

I am from catching bugs and baking cookies from scratch. From shooting pellet guns at old cans and legs hanging from tire swings. From daydreaming and twirling in ruffled dresses and riding horses. I am from summer haircuts and strawberry Koolaid.

I am from south Texas. From long, hot summers and playing in the sprinkler. From say hi and smile to anyone that passes you by. From short road trips to the beach, from photo shoots in fields of bluebonnets and delicious barbecue.

I am from musicals and showtunes and music listened to loudly. From family sing-a-longs and concerts and songwriting and performing and air-guitar. I am from the symphony and the orchestra and great pieces of music that move me to tears and make my heart beat fast.

I am from youth group games and worship team. From my Grandfather's two hour long sermons and Sunday school lessons with felt boards and paper Bible characters. I am from Jungle camp stories and missionaries and pastors and God-fearing and God-loving.

I am from do your best and work hard. From go the extra mile, go above and beyond. And from never do anything with a lick and a promise. I am from cleaning bathrooms and cleaning cat-pans and picking up pears and pinecones and washing dishes. I am from "Don't bite your nails" and "Tattoos are evil."

I am from choir and competitions and contests and vocal training and crushed dreams. I am from The Babysitter's Club books and poetry and stories that flow naturally from my heart onto paper.

I am from days spent at hospitals. From watching clocks tick by slowly, fragile life and from watching death that comes for ten year olds.

I am from chubby and overweight and restricted foods and diet pills. I am from torn up pictures and divorce and death and being told that God works all things together for good.

I am from vibrant and beautiful and life-giving and wounded. I am from losing my mother at 18 and missing a relationship that we never got to have.

I am from a man who adores me. From a realized dream that walks around in the form of a toddler boy with bubbling laughter. I am from fighting for my life and changing. I am from healing and moving on. From Tracy's tears and Gary's hugs and real and deep friendships. I am from learning how to hope and to live.

I am from scrapbooks, photo albums and blogs and memories nestled away in the endless rooms of my heart. All of where I am from and how I remember it is priceless and unforgettable and I shall always value the ability to remember. Because where I'm from is who I am today.

My friend Kathi did this prompt yesterday and it absolutely moved me. I thought it would be fun to do my own version of where I am from. And how about you?

Where are you from?


  1. Soo nice Jenn. Wasn't it fun and interesting to visit all that has made you You?
    Beautiful, lovely, unique and from the heart... Lots of memories good and not so good but all worth celebrating and holding on to. xoxo

  2. I love reading all of where you are from ...I feel privileged to be a part of where you are from.

    Lovely Jenn.

    Love you.

  3. i cried with the boys jumping on the bed.
    i always hope autumn will come sooner too!!!
    and your "i am from" sounds like a GREAT country song. love it! love you.
    and thank you for your words. when you told me you had them, i wanted to hear them alot. i was hoping for a time to hear them in person. but maybe this was better. then i dont have the opportunity to talk back, but just listen. your words are perfectly true, reminding me that its all ok. i cherish you