September 21, 2011

I'm ready for fall ya'll

The first day of autumn is officially this Friday. Though it's been fall in my house for the last two weeks. I put the finishing touches on the decorating this weekend. Though I had gadzooks of ideas this year, I did not have much of a decorating budget. So I used some things I had and just added some extra fall foliage.

The shelf in the kitchen: The same as before. Just added a $1 gourd, turned the pot around to show the pumpkins on it, and used a candle holder ring I already had for a pop of color.
A few new leaf branches to make a new arrangement for the table. These branches make me wish I had a fireplace mantle, because if I did, this arrangement would most definitely grace the fireplace instead of the table. *sigh*
I love the golden color of these leaves!
I moved the vase that was in the table into the living room. You can barely see my "S" on the table, but I love how it looks here!
The other new things I got via my spoiling mother-in-law - fun new wall sconces. I loved the orange of these leaves and I'm excited to change them out for the various seasons.
The living room.
One of my only purchases this season were two orange pillows to use for fall - $10 a piece which I didn't think was too shabby! Todd laughed at this, considering I just redecorated and I put the other pillows up and replaced them with the orange ones! However, when I redecorated I purposely chose a color palate that could easily translate from every day, to fall and then to Christmas.
A little vignette on the table.
The area on the entertainment center.
The table by the window.
The other bookshelf. My mother-in-law made me that new black pumpkin this year with painted leaves and I love how it turned out. I also added a simple bucket of pinecones there as well.
My favoritest pumpkin of all - made by none other than my mother-in-law! She painted our last name on it for me last year and I adore it!
The other bookshelf in the living room.
I have one project to do -paint these pumpkins a creamy color. I'll get to that eventually....
And there are a couple of fall things in the kitchen as well, but this is what life currently looks like. Bills, a coffee can full of change, Tommy's "diaper" bag, some flowers Todd brought home that are still hanging on and not quite ready to toss yet, and a left over tin from having taken a meal to a friend. This is the catch all counter. Behind all of it is a very cute vase with some fun branches and a darling leaf bowl. I promise.

I have plans to bake the first pumpkin pie of the season this weekend too.

I'm ready for fall. Are you?


  1. It looks great! As soon as I'm done with the baby shower I'll do some decorating I think. It's in the 100's all week this week so doesn't really feel fall like anyways!

  2. I love the fall warm and homey. I only change a few things out in the fall and since my kids have all left home I find I don't really get on the ball with it the way I used I've done nothing so far but after seeing this post I'm thinking maybe it's time to start!

  3. Oh, you are so ON the ball with this! I really, really need to do some actual decorating this year...I love your living room, by the way. That furniture is so cosy-looking.

    Can't wait for fall to start in earnest. I'm so excited for the leaves to change...

    I hate to shamelessly plug but I uh...may or may not be having a First of Fall giveaway on Friday and you may or may not really, really want to stop by the blog and see...