September 12, 2011

Little Bits

I'm afraid all I have to share today are some short blurbs. I'm busy and preoccupied and tired and well, it's also Monday.

We've been promised only one more week in the 100's and we should be "done" with summer and those temperatures. Holla!

We need rain.

I'm feeling very thankful for our hardworking fire-fighters in and around San Antonio who are fighting wildfires like crazy all around us to keep us and our homes safe.

We had to cancel plans with friends on Saturday night because or little guy was under the weather. He has a little cold I think and a sore throat. I asked him this morning how he was feeling and if he was still sick, to which he replied, "Oh, it's so sad!" That kid cracks me up.
I have the best boss ever. Seriously. She is awesome.

I've got a very busy and full week ahead. My first Red Tent Dinner is tonight. And the first Grace Group of the season kicks off tomorrow night. Tommy and I are going to hang out with Bethany and Wyatt on Wednesday. Thursday, I'm taking a meal to some friends who just had a precious little girl. Friday is shopping for new clothes for Tommy and I have HIGH hopes for a date night that doesn't include errand running or grocery shopping. And Saturday we are going down to my Grandparent's house so Todd can help my Poppy uninstall the microwave over their stove and install a hood. Yes - a full week ahead!

A bit of advice for today: If you don't like someone's baby name that they've picked out for their future baby - just pretend that you do. It's not very nice to say that it's ugly or you don't like it. It's not your decision or your child. That is all.

I've totally been listening to Christmas music already.

Speaking of Christmas, I went to Hobby Lobby with my mother-in-law last week and I finally found the perfect Christmas stockings. She bought them for me full-price because I am so very spoiled like that. And we got four of them. Just in case we have another baby and I won't be in another stocking crisis later on down the road. I promised her that was not my way of trying to tell her I was pregnant.

I'm also doing my annual update-everyone's-address-and-get-my-Christmas-card-list-ready thing. I've already discovered we have more people to send cards out to than last year. How did this happen?

All this baby talk - seriously, I'm not pregnant. I'm just kind of wanting to be.

I have a scratchy throat today. Not sure if it's allergies or something trying to make me sick or all of the fire crap in the air getting to me. Could be a combination of all three I suppose.

My Gramma is having surgery tomorrow. I feel less anxious after seeing her yesterday. I love my Gramma.

I've been doing a new Bible study on my own by Beth Moore on the fruits of the Spirit, called Living Beyond Yourself. Thanks to Amy over at Chapters, I was totally inspired to go through it for myself and so far it is pretty awesome. Sometimes I forget how much I really love digging in the Word and learning new things.

Contemplating costumes for Halloween should we do something costumey this year. I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

I have a new baby-boy shower to plan as my step-sister found out they are expecting a boy. So very exciting!

Conflict + Resolution = Intimacy. ALWAYS!!!!!

Struck by the words to a hymn we sang yesterday in church. Our refuge is in the cross of Christ. A place of pain and suffering and sacrifice - that place is our refuge and safe place. I'm wanting to sit some more with that.
I love this guy. I really, really love him.

Happy Monday ya'll!


  1. yay for your church groups starting back up! It felt so good for us to get back in our small group routine!

  2. 1) I just can't get over how big Tommy is getting.

    2) I've been listening to Christmas music since July.

    3) I've also had a scratchy throat all week. I think there's stuff in the air from the fires, even if we can't see it!

    4) Who are we kidding, makeup sex is always the BEST! :P

  3. I totally agree. I shared our picks for our first son or daughter with someone last year and the response was "Well, that name is boring and the other one is weird." Nice, huh?

    Oh, I'm praying hard for rain your direction! Poor, poor dry Texas. She needs a drink.

    Hope you find time for that date night - it can't be easy with everything you're doing (and the little guy)!

  4. I hope Tommy is feeling better soon! Super cutie :)

  5. ok, so ive been that person before thats lik,e i dont like that name~and my excuse is, it seems like sometimse when people tell their baby name ideas, theyre asking for my opinion or looking for validation! sometimes. and yall look great. and im excited t o hear about your red tent:)