September 29, 2011

Seeking stillness

This entire week I've felt myself almost in survival mode just hoping that me and my body could make it until Friday. Quality sleep and real rest have yet to find me this week and I feel like I've been running on steam and coffee. I'm at the point where my hormones are so crazy that I'm starting to cry at things like country songs and sappy Facebook status updates. (Thank you PMS!)

Todd leaves tomorrow after work and will be gone for the weekend. He'll be hunting/helping on a ranch with his hunting buddy, and I'll be left to my own devices. I'm looking forward to some quiet time all for me.

I plan on doing important things like:

Making a wreath using felt rosettes a la Pinterest! (something like this)
Taking a bubble bath
Catching up on my Bible study
Take a walk at the hill
A nap or three
A trip to the playground with Tommy
Baking some pumpkin bread
Staying in my pajamas as long as I feel like it
(And laundry, and things on my organizing list, and cleaning up the guest room - but only if I've had a bubble bath and a nap first. Because I have priorities!)

Saturday I will hug my friend B and say goodbye and cry some more tears before she flies away to her new home in Michigan. Oh I hate goodbyes - even if you know you'll see the other person again. I still hate them.

But even with the goodbye, I'm looking forward to some much needed ME time. I need quiet and space. I need some room to breathe, room to grieve some loss, and room to create. I'm looking forward to some stillness and counting down the hours before the rest I've been longing for, finally finds me.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaa, just reading this post made me want to go home and pour myself a glass of wine and light some candles and read a good book...

    Hope your weekend brings about peace and rest and deep satisfying hours of just BEING.