September 28, 2011

Anticipating Autumn

The only problem with it being autumn right now is that it doesn't feel like autumn. It still feels like summer here. I've found myself sipping pumpkin latte's while day dreaming about the beauty I've created on my Beautiful Autumn board on Pinterest. I wish autumn could look like that here! Fall has my most favorite color palate of all I think. Gold, copper, turquoise, plum, olive, scarlet, chocolate brown....

There is plenty to look forward to this season though even if our weather doesn't always reflect the change to this season. I love this time of year. Activities and plans seem to ramp up and I love the flurry of fun things to do.

This fall, I'm looking forward to:

Todd's birthday. (Next Friday!)

Hunting season - which opens this weekend. And well, Todd's excited about that. I just share in his excitement with him.

Doing some shopping in Fredricksburg.

My sister's play at school.

Todd will be gone for an entire week in October. I'm not necessarily looking forward to his absence, but I am excited about where he's going and being able to look forward to all of it with great anticipation.

Our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch in Boerne. I just hope it's still there and they actually have pumpkins considering the awful drought this year.

A visit from Tiffany. Or "Tippy" as Tommy calls her.

All things pumpkin: Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin spice coffee creamer. Pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkins around my house.

Shopping for some new fall clothes. Hopefully I can snag a few scarves and fun tops. And khaki pants. I NEED khaki pants.

Throwing our second annual pumpkin carving party this year. Hopefully we have a good turn out and make bunches of pretty pumpkins!

Halloween costumes - but I need to find a costume event in order for there to even be a point in dressing up. I have a fun idea for Todd and I, but I'm still deciding what to do for Tommy.

Open windows to let cool air in the house.

Needing a sweater.

November sunrises. They seem to be the prettiest.


What are you looking forward to most about autumn?


  1. There will be a pumpkin patch here Jenn, J and I get ours at the patch each year. I often have students who benefit from it so it's nice to support them!!! I'd recommend that y'all grab lunch on the river (that's not much of a river right now) at the dodging duck. Great food!!!

  2. Oh, boy, our anticipation is turning to aching and longing isn't it? It's been so hot for so long... I'm glad you have many things to look forward to!