October 13, 2011

Awfuls, pumpkins and felt flowers

I'm running on steam and coffee this week. I'm not sleeping well with Todd gone. And a blurby kind of post is all I have in me today.

Someone told me after paying for my McDonald's coffee yesterday, that I have cat eyes. I've heard a lot of things about my eyes over the years, but that was a new one. Cat eyes? Really?

Todd usually takes Tommy to daycare on Thursday, but with him gone this week, I had to do that myself today. And I'm not sure who had the bigger meltdown - him or me.

On Tuesdsay, I broke the bathroom sink right off the wall. I literally went to turn the faucet off after washing my hands and the thing fell to the ground and broke. Thankfully my boss also found it hilarious, because I couldn't stop laughing! I'm pretty sure things like that only happen to me.

Tiffany was in town over the weekend. And we had to take at least one crazy picture while we were out and about. This was us trying to make pumpkin faces.
Speaking of pumpkins, we've decided to give the pumpkin carving party another go this year and I'm determined to brush up on my carving skills and do something awesome. I cut a giant heart into my pumpkin last year because I ruined it with my original design. Carving is a lot harder than it looks!

Oh and also, I think I'll be baking some pumpkin bread this weekend. All this pumpkin talk reminded me.

This week my boss has bought me two Starbucks coffees. And then today she gave me this awesome chunky necklace and a pair of earrings she bought at a trade show. I am spoiled, but I've decided that this is okay.

Tommy calls waffles "awfuls." It cracks me up. And when I make them he also says every time, "These awfuls are like pancakes!"
Todd and I saw the movie Courageous last weekend as part of his birthday outing. It was outstanding and seriously moved our hearts - we both cried off and on throughout the whole thing. It made us want to be better parents and take raising our son even more seriously than we do.

I'm officially obsessed with felt wreaths after making my own. I've even started a board on Pinterest dedicated to my new obsession. I've even thought about trying to make them to sell, though I might try and make a few more first. But seriously - they're so cute and fun and I just want to sit in a pile of felt and hot glue myself to happy land. It's sick I'm telling you. Or I've just found a new hobby and this is all perfectly healthy. Either one.

Because of this new obsession though, I'm now looking at everything in my house and wondering what it might look like with a felt flower glued on to it. At some point, felt rosettes might take over my house.

I also learned I have a "thing" for burlap.

I found this yesterday and could NOT stop laughing. When auto correct on your phone goes terribly, terribly wrong. I dare you to try and not laugh at this.Told you that was funny. And to my Grammy and my Gramma - I'll explain to you what "auto correct" and "cameltoe" are later.

Oh and also, one last Pinteresty thing, I've added a button up at the top of my blog, so if you read this blog and you want to see my boards or follow me there, you totally can because I figured out how to do that.

Two more nights without my beloved. I miss him like crazy and have never looked more forward to a Saturday evening in my entire life.
It's a gorgeous day today. The breeze is blowing and it's a cool 73 outside. Perfect "fall" weather for this Texas girl. Happy Thursday ya'll!


  1. You and I seem to be opposites on this - while I miss Raj since I don't see him when he's on nights, I'm sleeping so well! I fall asleep and the next thing I know, my alarm is going off. It's amazing. But I'll be very happy to finally see him tomorrow night, even if it does cost me some rest.

    Also, a friend of mine just informed me that Eggo makes pumpkin spice waffles. She found them at Target. This seemed like information that you needed to have.

  2. I think you have a very lovely shape to your eyes! I wouldn't call them cat eyes exactly...

    The cameltoe text made me just about lose it at work. You're going to get me in trouble, Jennifer!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! The auto correct thing is HILARIOUS!! I love your note afterwards, totally something I would have to explain to my mom!!

    I sometimes tease James about going somewhere or that he just needs to leave sometimes but I know the minute he is gone I will wish he was back home. Here's to the next couple of days flying by for you and your hubby being back by your side!!

  4. i saw a thing on facebook, by Lifehack I think, about using a rubber mallet and metal cookie cutters to cut shapes into a pumpkin. Thought maybe you might want to know that.

    Also, I have a friend who texted me the other day to say that when her son spins himself around to make himself dizzy he says "I'm gettin busy!" Love those little things kiddos say!!

  5. nice. do i tell you enough that i enjoy you? sad youre missing todd, but glad for where its strengthening both of you.

    and i wonder....why is cameltoe even IN autocorrects' dictionary?! sad day.