November 17, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

This week has felt a bit chaotic. And I'm trying to breathe and just take everything one thing at a time. I hate how busyness makes me feel inside and I'm looking forward to a more slow-paced week next week after all of the activity I've been involved in. Sometimes when I get busy like this, I tend to power-up and miss out on things because I stress myself out.

So this is me breathing and trying to take one thing at a time as I forge through the next few days.

So far this week I've:

Worked on spreadsheets and billing and bill-paying and attempted to track down papers that seem to keep disappearing.

Roasted a turkey in a crock-pot and baked a ham and hosted a Thanksgiving style dinner at my house.

Made cupcake toppers and cut about 723 pieces of scrapbook paper to make cute banners for a baby shower.

Finished preparing for a lesson and then taught both Tuesday and Wednesday night at different churches.

Led a Grace Group.

Somehow lost 90% of all of my pins on Pinterest because I foolishly changed my username a while back and then Pinterest betrayed me and almost made me cry.

Went to therapy.

Been grateful for a plethora of leftovers in my fridge because there has been no time to cook anything new this week. (And Todd rocked my world and made us omelets for dinner last night.)

Left unfolded laundry right where it was.

Read books at nighttime and sang songs and prayed with Tommy before he went to bed.

Have felt the ache of what my busyness this week has looked like for him. I have missed him this week and he has let me know that he's felt missed too.

Cancelled lunch plans today because work is still crazy busy.

And still left on my list for the rest of this week:

More spreadsheets and billing and bill-paying and payroll and tracking down papers that seem to keep disappearing.

Pick up Tommy from his last day at home daycare (more to come on that later). But it means one more day at home with son and the both of us REALLY need that.

Grab dinner and head to my parent's house to finalize details for my step-sister's baby shower with my step-mom.

Finish making banners and mustachey things for the shower.

Do more laundry and leave every other chore right where it is, because laundry is all that matters.

Cook dinner tomorrow evening, because we are officially out of leftovers.

Head to worship team practice tomorrow night - it's only once a month and it happens to fall THIS Friday evening.

Go to the grocery store to buy baby shower food AND Thanksgiving food. And hope to not pay an arm and a leg for it since I'm seriously armed with coupons.

Bake exactly 48 cupcakes.

Prepare food, decorate and host a Mustache Bash baby shower.

And come home and probably collapse before waking up Sunday morning to sing and attend the awesome Thanksgiving service I'm so looking forward to.

Sunday afternoon and evening will most definitely be spent taking it easy and spending time with my two favorite guys in the world!


  1. Oh my...I'm tired just reading your post. What a servant's heart you have.

  2. girl, I hope you have some time scheduled to take it easy! this time of year is hectic!

  3. I'm exhausted after reading that too!! I can't wait to see the baby shower pics though, I'm sure it will be great!

    How did the turkey in the crock pot work out? How big was the turkey?

  4. Wow! You are one busy lady! Good luck with everything! :O

  5. Goodness, I'm exhausted just reading your list! I hope the rest of your week calms down a little bit. ;)