November 18, 2011

Fort Tommy

This was the scene in my living room earlier this morning. Our homemade blanket fort.
Somehow, paper plates got involved.
Oh, I mean "steering wheels." Apparently, our fort can drive. I LOVE the imagination he has.
We may or may not have held Elmo captive.
The fort is still up in the living room. And I am being invited to join him again even though I have brought work home to do, and have baby shower decorations to make, and laundry to get started.....
I think though, it's still playtime.

If you need me, I'll be at my post.


  1. His face is so so precious. I don't know why I'm crying. It feels so lovely that you are sharing this with your son. So overwhelmingly beautiful to see you join him in playtime and imagination. You doing this with me growing up is such a special memory I cherish and I am just so joyous to see this being passed on. The only thing you are missing is pizza and McNuggets...haha ;)

  2. hahaha! love it! what a precious moment for you & your boy!

    maybe I can convince Elyse to build a fort in a few years...of course I may have to call it the "princess's castle"! ha!

  3. Love it! Especially Elmo ;) My MIL used to make forts with my kids all the time when she was watching them. Such great memories!

  4. Glad you got to enjoy that with him. Looks like he had fun with you...making memories...wish I could have been there.

  5. So cute...although I do feel a little bit sorry for poor Elmo! :O

  6. Love it! I especially love Elmo haha! Sounds like the best Friday morning, ever! :)