November 20, 2011

Mustache Bash

The long, crazy-busy weekend has come to an end. Everything got done - I even got a nap in this afternoon. Let's face it, a good weekend is made better when there are naps involved.

More importantly though, the Mustache Bash baby shower was a huge hit.

I had fun making everything for it. Like my fun mustache cut-outs. I framed the invitation and used some leftover gumballs I had from Tommy's beach birthday party this summer. (I almost sort of have a party supplies closet going now, which comes in handy when you throw as many parties as I do!)
We hung some paper lanterns that I had from another party I hadn't used. They went perfect with the baby blue and black colors.
I had some mustaches and bow-ties made for me where I work. And then I created these fun hanging banners.
I made two banners like this, just from scrapbook paper and ribbon.
And where I work, I also had some mustache stickers printed as well and put them on cups.And the fun cupcake toppers. I had the stickers printed too and then put them on scrapbook paper that I cut out. I glued lollipop sticks to them - and tada! I thought they turned out pretty cute for being homemade.
Kyle and Chelsea got a ton of loot which is why we were all there in the first place. Watching her open all these cute boy clothes made me miss the baby days. Man - did those days fly by it seems!
And seriously - you hand out fake mustaches and people get a little crazy. It was so fun!
I think a mustache just enhances my personality perhaps.
We both look like we're just up to NO GOOD.
Even Tommy got into it.
All in all, the shower was a big success.
Even though I'm slightly pooped, it was a good, good time.

And now, I mustache.

(Sorry. I just had to.)


  1. Hehehe! This looks awesome! I love the strings hanging down with the mustaches on them! :D
    I think you all looks like villains from either pantomimes or old silent movies!

  2. Haha! The mustaches are adorable! And I love your home-made decorations. Very creative and gorgeous! I'm into crafts as well and I may have to steal your idea for the bunting made of scrapbook paper and ribbon for my wedding! :)

  3. this is really beautiful. you are beautifully amazing.

  4. So cute! You should get an HGTV show!

  5. It looks fantastic and like so much fun!