November 13, 2011

Flowers, mustaches and haircuts

I'm not sure where this weekend went. I got lost somewhere in felt flowers and mustache making and about three pounds of hair that got cut off.

I'm not kidding about this felt flower ordeal. This is REAL.
I'm trying to get a wreath finished to send to my Auntie in Africa. And I need to get it done ASAP so she has it when she decorates her place for Christmas.

And the "Mustache Bash" baby shower is this Saturday so I've been furiously making mustachey things. My boss at work had some things printed up for me - like these great stickers that I put on cups.
And these stickers that I put onto scrapbook paper and made into cute cupcake toppers. Aren't they so cute?! Oh Pinterest, how did I ever plan a party without you?
I made these myself out of foam paper and glued them to skewers for fun photo ops at the party.
So clearly, I'm up to my eyeballs in mustaches.

BIG NEWS: Tommy is officially potty-trained. For serious! He had a major breakthrough this weekend and now everything goes into the potty - all the time. He even seems to be holding it at night, though we still put him in a pull-up at night just to be safe. But still - two weeks and wala - it's done! Every time he does anything in the potty, Tommy beats me to the punch and claims for himself, "I'm so proud of you, Tommy!" I guess he heard that from us a lot!

In other not-so-big-news, tonight as I was putting another round of leftovers into the fridge, I decided I had to document this:
Todd and I have made a conscious effort to eat out less and eat at home more. And we've been doing really well with that. Clearly. But maybe it's time for leftover night?! I have a full week this week and won't be around to cook much, so these leftovers will definitely come in handy!

And the three pounds of hair I got cut off? This is me about ten minutes ago and it's almost midnight. My hair has endured church, a three hour long nap (holla!), dinner making, visiting with friends who came over to eat the dinner, and mustache projects galore. So this is end-of-the-day-deflated-and-flat-new-shorter-hair.

I love it though - even deflated.

Another busy week and weekend ahead. Dinners, Grace Group, teaching, decoration making, baby shower and prepping for Thanksgiving! This is when I have to remember to take things one day at a time and not over do it lest my joints start screaming at me.

It's time for me and my deflated hair to go to bed.


  1. love your shorter hair!

    and sometimes leftover nights are just a requirement! of course sometimes the best dishes are even better as leftovers!

    congrats to Tommy, I'm sure mommy & daddy are so proud!

  2. Your baby shower stuff is SO CUTE. Also your hair.

  3. Wow, that is the coolest baby shower theme ever! I've never seen it done before!