November 10, 2011

In short

Current life updates:

Busy at work.

Like SO busy.

Planning a "mustache bash" baby shower.

Yarn wreaths and felt flowers.

Can't stop making them.

Tommy potty-trained. Sort of.

Got the pee thing down. Poop...not so much.

Quite unfortunate about the poop.

Joints better. Feeling relieved.

Enjoying cool weather.

Made casserole for dinner last night.

It wasn't disgusting - but I'm still not a fan of casseroles.

First Thanksgiving celebration on Monday evening.

Four total Thanksgiving dinners this year.

Red Tent ladies, Church, my family and Todd's family = FOUR.

Love multiple Thanksgiving celebrations.

Or maybe I love pie.

Two Christmas parties on calendar already.

Plan my own party?

Will anyone even come?

Christmas music. Love it.

Have to mail B a birthday card this year.

I will miss delivering it to her in person.

Hot chocolate weather. Perfect.

Ready for Friday.

So I can make pies and yarn wreaths galore.

Back to work!


  1. hello! read up on you for about the past 5 posts or so- good to "catch up" :-P love you...

  2. Busy busy!! I almost forgot I wanted to have an Ugly Sweater Party. Must plan!!