November 2, 2011

What I'm loving about right now....

I love my homemade pumpkin pie with the most perfect homemade pie crust imaginable.

I love that my dad handed out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

I love that another cold front is blowing in tomorrow.

I love that my boss is allowing me to change my work schedule once again.

I love that I'll be able to work from home on Tuesdays starting in December.

I love the laughter I got to share with friends last night.

I love that Tommy says "I love you too mommy." Even if I haven't said "I love you" first.

I love Friday mornings because Tommy and I have waffles together - it's our new thing.

I love that I'm learning to be okay with messes. Because those messes don't define me and it's let me relax and be kinder to myself.

I love this time of year.

I love preparing for Thanksgiving.

I love reflecting on all of the things I am so thankful for.

I love all of the getting together and the merry-making.

I love some of the new things Todd and I have put in place for the holidays to build lasting traditions and memories for our son.

I love dreaming about what having another baby might look like.

I love that tonight means a phone date with B.

I love that our electric bill goes down this time of year.

I love planning and making things for parties - like how I'm planning a "Mustache Bash" for my step-sister's baby shower.

I love hot coffee on mornings that feel too early to be awake.

I love the feeling of my husband's hand when he touches my face to kiss me.

I LOVE that Tommy is announcing that he has to go potty.

I love making wreaths with yarn and ribbon and felt flowers. I've officially found a new hobby.

I love listening to Christmas music.

I love knowing what it feels like to not be angry at God anymore. I feel new.

I love the feeling of earrings dangling. I feel feminine and lovely.

I love that I can have all day long conversation with one of my oldest friends and leave feeling like we could still talk more.

I loved the foggy sunrise this morning. Bright light breaking through the mist. It reminded me of Mr. Darcy's romantic walk across the field to fight for Elizabeth Bennet's heart in Pride and Prejudice.

I love feeling alive.

I love watching God make things beautiful and good that did not start out that way.

I love how God always takes me by surprise.

What do you love about your right now?


  1. so precious that Tommy says I love you too! that's adorable!

    and yes, I think the rolling motion is a little strange, there have been a few times when I wish she would just calm down! ha!

    Necklace came from Francesca's a few months ago...thanks!

  2. That last one made me smile so, so big.

    Thank you, God, for giving us people and things to love!