December 14, 2011

Warm Fuzzies and Miracles

Sometimes I wish life were like a Hallmark Christmas movie. In which there are trials and horribly difficult things and then some person or maybe even a whole town rushes in to save the day. A miracle happens for someone (whose name is almost always Holly or Eve or Carol). And not only do they get what they were needing, but they get the extra little something too. The dashingly handsome man, or the winning lottery ticket or the positive pregnancy test.

And snow - always snow - on Christmas Eve. That's how Hallmark Christmas movies work you know.

This is why I watch them. Because they're full of warm fuzzies and they're not much like real life. I suppose if they were I might not watch them as religiously as I do this time of year. In December, I find myself needing an abundance of the warm fuzzies.In these movies, I get lost in the happy stories and beautiful places of redemption. For two hours, I can forget my own longings and desires and dreams about life and watch something miraculous unfold for a fictional character.

Maybe I'm feeling like I'm in a place of needing of my own miracle.

Tonight though, I do get to go out with a dashingly handsome man. And I doubt there will be any snow or positive pregnancy tests or winning lottery tickets. But there will be hand holding and San Antonio Riverwalk style twinkle lights and some Christmas shopping and a yummy dinner with a man I deeply love.

Though it is Christmastime. It's the season of hope and magic and wonder and glory. Maybe there's still a miracle to be had yet.....

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