February 15, 2012

The More

Lately, I have found myself with this deep, indescribable longing for more. As if I'm longing to return to somewhere I've never been. And this longing goes beyond discontentment because it's not that I'm unhappy with the things I have or even where I am in life - it's just this yearning in my soul that feels disrupted and undone as I wait and live and expect.

I want more sunny days.

And I want more gray, rainy days too.

More cool breezes and more warm sunshine.

I want more winter, spring and summer.

More autumns that pass by slowly.

More holiday merry-making.

I want more swept off my feet moments.

More time.

More laughter.

More sleep.

I want more passion.

I want more money and believe it or not, I want more shoes.

I want to create more beauty.

More dancing and more reasons to dance.

More face-time with my family and friends.

More days to do nothing but be in pajamas and watch movies and read.

More snuggles with my every-growing boy.

More adventure, more surprises, more romance.

More kissing and more Saturday morning cuddling in bed.

I want more in my relationships that I have - more depth, more realness, more love, more honesty, more truth, more words. Just more of everything.

More life and more living it well.

Some days I feel like I might burst open with all of the more that I'm longing for. And I feel that within myself today. Like I need to somehow calm down the more that I so deeply long for because it makes me jittery and anxious and unsettled in my very soul. And I don't want to silence or quiet it, but just allow for the space to feel what it is I'm wanting more of and take it God. After all, He is the One who is the maker and keeper of the more I am seeking....


  1. I feel like you took the words right out of my mouth! : )

  2. I like this post, although I, oddly, don't want more shoes. I have a ridiculous number and would like some of them to magically hop up and walk away so I have more closet space! :P

  3. do you and holly have the same size foot? im seeing blessings of more happening!

    this pulls at my heart. all the outpouring of goodness, greatness, and fun-ness that is had with all that more you wrote out- its somethin to look forward to, for sure!

  4. Longing for more is good...we were made to long for more..God created us for more. I am scared of more...I don't know what more is even like. I don't even know how to do it (at least that is what it feels like)....I guess I just feel scared what life would or could look like..
    Please give me that Lord. I want more with my wife and my son and with my life!!!