March 17, 2012

The dirty truth about cleaning

In cleaning my house today and trying to organize and purge and attempt some kind of spring-cleaning business around my home, I learned a few things about myself:

1) I am a gift bag hoarder.2) I have an entire box of old party supplies. You know, blue streamers, beach balls, American flags, vinyl tablecloths, half burned candles. I could throw the random party of the century with those items.

3) Even if it's still semi-full, I will throw away a box of cereal if it sucks. Without even feeling guilty about it. I am a chronic pantry-purger.

4) Dishes are always the last thing I do. Because I hate them. (Though I think I already knew this).

5) It's easier to close the shower curtain than to scrub the tub. If my friends look in there, they are held responsible for the horror they have to witness, not me.

6) Sometimes I wipe away dust with my hand rather than actually dust.

7) I got overly excited when I found a stash of plastic hangers in another closet today - the kind that department stores have that you get when you go clothes shopping - those are my favorites! And I immediately re-hung several tops and tossed the crappy plastic hangers to the side.8) I prefer to have my DVD's organized by genre. Todd's boring western and war movies, cool action movies, lame action movies, sappy chick-flicks, funny chick-flicks, family friendly films, and John Wayne movies (also Todd's). Of course all of the James Bonds and the Star Wars and the Indiana Jones all have a sacred spot of honor. (Not pictured here.)9) Pretty sure we are keeping the plastic tote bin in business by storing all of Tommy's old clothes and toys. Would SO love to get rid of everything, but there's that whole - "Are we having any more kids?" question that continues to remain unanswered.

10) It looks like a hurricane attacked my baking pan cabinet. And I don't even care.11) I may* have only been cleaning today because we are having friends over for dinner.

So now that I'm utterly humiliated, anyone else have any clean or not-so clean confessions?


  1. I had people over today and I did not clean for them beyond wiping the bathroom sink out. I did a big major cleaning last weekend and since I had to chaperone a dance last night and the people came at 11 this morning, I didn't bother really cleaning.

    I do clean my tub more often than I used to since I discovered Magic Eraser. (This means I clean it maybe once a month. Maybe.) It still makes me sad that I have an old apartment tub that doesn't come completely clean, so the only way to know it's been cleaned is to have noticed that it was dirty before.

    I don't mind vacuuming and will move things in order to do a good job, but I hate, hate, hate the putting things back afterward. And I hate cleaning mirrors and the microwave. I tell Raj he has to clean the microwave because it's above the stove and I have to stand on a chair to clean it while he can reach it from the ground. But it's really because I just don't want to do it.

  2. 1. I used to be a gift bag hoarder too, but all of them were wedding and christmas bags. I threw them all out after Christmas this past year. I live gift bag to gift bag nowadays. Lol!

    2. I think you should throw the "random party of the century" party... pretty sure it would rock! :-)

    8. So glad I am not the only person who organizes movies by genre! I even do that with my books!

  3. That's a good idea to store them in a bag like that. I have all mine in a drawer. I went through not too long ago and thinned them out. I took the ones I got rid of to the thrift store, hopefully they didn't just toss them :)

    I used to have my movies in alphabetical order but I gave up since no one but me cares and they keep messing them all up. I just try not to look in there!

    I also love those hangers! I have different colored plastics for everyone and I have those for me :)

  4. I also am a gift bag hoarder, along with tissue paper. Actually, we went to a birthday party yesterday and they were throwing away the tissue paper. OH THE HORROR!!! I turned to Jimmy and said, "I'll have to talk to Eddie about his tissue paper discarding ways!" My movies are also categorized...all the Disney movies together, comedies, dramas, and then Jimmy's :) Because, let's face it, some of those westerns/war flicks just deserve their own cubby hole far far away. The only thing I would have to disagree on are those store hangers, which Jimmy loves! And, I just love to chunk 'em. I am totally a plastic hanger fanatic! Such a fun post to remind me how crazy I am about some things :)