March 21, 2012

Love and Expectation

I saw a quote recently that stirred my soul in the disrupting kind of way that makes you examine your heart. It said:

"The best kind of love is when you have no expectations at all."

It's made me think...

What kinds of expectations do I have for those I love?
Isn't it okay to have some expectations?
What do I do when those expectations aren't met?
How might those relationships be transformed if I eliminated my expectations?
What does love without expectation even look like?
Shouldn't I be getting something in return?

Clearly, I expect something from the people I love and I am in relationship with. I am starting to wonder if I'm missing something about love and what it really means.

Suddenly, love is feeling harder to do and be.

Perhaps the only One who even knows how to love this way - pure and right and without any expectation or hope of anything in return is God.
Maybe we can't love others like He can. But, maybe we can try?

Just some very deep thoughts on an ordinary Wednesday from a woman who wants to be loved well. And desperately wants to love others well too.


  1. That quote reminds me of a service we had in church a few months back. It's really amazing how much happier you can be in a relationship if you learn not to expect certain things from your loved one. That way when they do little things like clean the dishes, or bring you home dinner is truly a sweet and loving gesture.

  2. That is a deep thought...I know what it can look like for people who don't have expectations met.. I hope I can love you as God loves us....unconditionally...