April 8, 2012

Easter Moments

I wore a dress today.  A pretty floral one with fuschia flats.  Every Easter reminds me of being a little girl.  How I would sleep with sponge-curlers in my hair the night before.  And I would wear a "bonnet" and gloves and ruffly socks and a new dress that would spin perfectly when I twirled.  I felt pretty today - much like I did when I was seven. 

We didn't do Easter baskets growing up, but I do them for Tommy now.  To be honest, I think the whole Easter bunny thing is weird.  Maybe because I just don't get it.  A bunny that delivers candy?  Why does this bunny do this?  And how?  He has no hands.  And how does he get in?  Through the chimney like Santa?   It's all just so confusing for me.  So his basket is just from us - full of some fun little toys and a few special goodies.

But my little Easter basket I gave to Tommy was trumped by Oma's giant bag and four oversized Easter-eggs full of goodies and treats. It was basically a mini-Christmas.

I sang an amazing, powerful song in church today called "Alive."  Easter just isn't Easter without some awesome music declaring Jesus' victory over death.  I was also excited that I didn't cry given what happened the last time I sang a solo in church.  

My family didn't get together this year.  We all just had too much on our plates to organize a gathering.  I felt the void of what wasn't there.  Like watching my Poppy walk in the door in his crisp yellow long sleeve button-up shirt, arms open wide saying, "He is Risen!"  I missed my Uncle's fajitas and my dad's guitar playing and my cousins talking.  It was a nice day, but it wasn't the same either.

I took a three hour long nap this afternoon because I SO needed it.

Oh my big boy.  He keeps growing. We hunted for eggs together today and he declared that this was the best Easter ever.  I loved this picture until I realized it looks like he's missing an arm.  He totally has two, just not sure where the other one went.

There was a bit of silly today too.  There is always time for silly on a holiday.
This holiday specifically, always brings me back to the core of who I am.  Even with the pretty dresses and the baskets and the abundance of candy (that is seriously bagged up so Todd can take it all to work tomorrow) and the egg-hunting and the missing my family - all of it comes back to just one thing.  My risen Savior.  The reason I am able to live fully.  I am a child of God.  I am His.  And I am only His, because He's alive.


  1. I LOVE your dress, well, what I can see of it, lol! It really suits you, and the colours are definitely something I would also choose. :)

    Too funny about the photo of Tommy mysteriously missing an arm! I wouldn't have noticed that if you hadn't pointed it out - I still think it's cute! :)

  2. Your dress was beautiful! Loved the colors, they really suited your eyes!

    Your pictures were wonderful, and although your Easter was more low-key than usual, I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely day surrounded by Tommy and your hubby :)

  3. love the colors in your dress! so perfect for Easter!

    and a 3 hour nap...oh how wonderful that would be!

  4. You looked beautiful! We sang Alive at church too! Absolutely love that song!! Looks like a great Easter!