April 16, 2012

Moving Forward

Moving forward.  That felt like the theme of the weekend for us.  How do you move again when it felt like it was just days ago marriage was at a standstill?

We sold some items this weekend.  We finished our taxes and mailed off what we owe.  We purchased a few gifts for our friend's first baby.  We treated ourselves to a steak dinner date-night and watched a movie at home.  We held hands.  We went to church and talked about where we feel like we do and don't belong in the body of Christ.  He took care of the lawn and I baked some fresh banana bread.  He filled the cars with gas and I did the laundry. 

A little give.  A little take.  Doing life.  The mundane parts that don't feel so mundane when you're choosing to be present in that life together.

Most of what we did felt like normal, regular, every-day life.  But something about routine, being close and doing life together where we feel like we are back on the same page brought comfort and security to my heart where I had none.

My weekend project included making over the mirror that hangs above our couch.  It matches our dark brown leather couches perfectly, but it never seemed to really work after I redecorated things last year in efforts to brighten things up.

The before:
The after:
I like how it turned out.  It matches my sconces and brightened up the wall just as I was hoping it would.

Sometimes a little re-finishing is all something needs in order to work well again.

That's what we feel like.  In a constant state of being re-finished.  Always being made new.


  1. I like your new mirror look! Good luck with everything.

  2. And you sent that Red Lipstick girl some banana bread, huh... :)

  3. Looks like a good weekend, and I LOVE your mirror's makeover! It's awesome!