April 17, 2012

A Mondayish-Tuesday

My Tuesday is feeling a lot like a Monday.

Traffic and rude, inconsiderate, selfish drivers have a way of bringing out the ugliest side of me.  I may or may not have laid on my horn in the most obnoxious way ever this morning to this woman who flat out just pissed me off. And by saying may or may not have, I mean that I SO did.

Most curse words come out of me when I'm driving.


Also, is it possible to overdose on salad?

Because last week, I started like gagging on them.  I've been eating one almost every day for lunch and I think my body is over them.  It's because I'm so picky about vegetables, and salad is one of the only things I can tolerate in the greens department.  Either way, I stocked up on broccoli and green beans this week to give myself a salad hiatus.  I decided that almost throwing up at my desk at work was just kind of not cool.

In other less gross news, isn't this kid like the cutest ever?  Oh man.  Love this face.

We have been invited over for dinner on Friday night by a couple in our church.  I've also met several women now thanks to the Journey Group I've been leading there this semester.  It's felt so good to start connecting and forming new friendships with people in this community. Also, some of us ladies talked about doing a margarita/pedicure night together.  And I'm kind of all about that kind of outing.

The beach has been calling my name.  I'm desperate to go.  Anyone want to take me along on their beach vacay?

I went to the grocery store on Sunday night and the lines were crazy long and the shelves nearly empty for some reason.  For several moments, I was convinced the world was ending and I didn't know about it.  

If you're not reading this blog, you should be.  Shay rocks.  I read this post yesterday about her bull-riding experience and found myself spilling TMI about how I haven't done that ever because my boobs are too big.  Seriously though, I kind of have a crush on her blog.  She combines serious and funny in the best of ways and Utah has never sounded more of an appealing place to visit until I stumbled on Red Lipstick & Melodies.  Just saying.

Also, is there a way that you can make brown rice taste not so brown rice-ish?

And in case anyone wants to know, I'm way more excited about the opening of the movie The Avengers than I am The Lucky One.  I'm a giant comic book movie fan apparently and given the choice, would choose it over a sappy chick-flick.  However, I will be seeing both.  Just to clarify.  I'm balanced that way.

Now, I need to get back to my Mondayish-Tuesday and all of it's aggravations, rude drivers, and bookkeeping discrepancies. 

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  1. Oh man I hate crazy drivers! They make me insane too! :O