April 25, 2012

Pile of Plastic

Did you know that since Todd and I have been married, we have only ever had ONE vacation?  On that vacation, we road-tripped from San Antonio all the way to Montana (where I discovered I could totally live someday!), and my teenage sister came with us.  Though we enjoyed having her along, it wasn't exactly conducive to all of the exciting married fun you might be able to have on an excursion like that.

We will be married six years in June, and in that six years, we have had one legit vacation and one weekend get-away.  The single get-away was last year to the little town of Kingswood where we attended my friend's wedding and stayed in the house of my friend's parents.

I say all this not so anyone will feel sorry for us, but because we recognize where one of the things that we really need as a couple is time to get away.  Time to just be US and have focused time on being together and remembering all of the reasons we ever fell in love in the first place.

There are a lot of reasons why we haven't been able to take trips or get-aways or plan other vacations.  Having Tommy and then changes with work and not working and working again have made it hard.  But really, there is one big reason.

Last night in an unexpected, almost rash decision, we put an end to the place we continue to sabotage our finances, our marriage, and our dreams for more.  We cut them up and put them in a pile.
It feels a bit embarrassing to post the somewhat enormous pile - but I've been blatantly real here lately, so perhaps I should continue with that theme.

Also, is it funny that I have a fun crafty project planned for these already and I didn't even get it from Pinterest?!

Seriously though, it felt sad.  
And......it felt freeing.  It gave us hope too.

We know in our hearts it's the right thing to do.  It's a move in the right direction.  It's not a guaranteed vacation in the immediate future, but it's an act of repentance and the promise that moving towards an intentional debt-free way of living will enable us to take the time away together that we crave.  It's a joint effort of something that we are both sacrificing and doing together in hopes to keep going and growing with one another in kind, wise ways.

Though had I known this was how my Tuesday night was going to end, I would have bought a pair of shoes or three on my way home.  Just saying.


  1. I LOVE THIS! I did financial peace and I am in the process of paying off my student loans but my boyfriend and I decided to get on track with money while we were still young. we also cut up our credit cards! you can do it. you can get out of debt :)

  2. Wait, there are craft ideas that aren't on Pinterest? I'm confused.

    Maybe you could start saving for a trip to Pensacola, say, around late December? For a wedding?

  3. I like your ending about the shoes. I would love a pair of shoes. :)

    We've been living credit-free since we moved here...we've found how hard it is to live on one salary alone and begin getting out of debt, but we plan to finish it before he turns 40 and *maybe even buy a house*!

    It's hard, it's required budgeting and a LOT of pb&j sandwiches. But we thank God every week that there's *just* enough money to cover the bills AGAIN. Just last month, we were able to pay off our car 6 months early and a credit card A has been paying on since college 13 years ago. Done!

    Paying off debt is what makes it possible for me to stay home with the girls, and I have no regrets. We're not rich by the world's standards, but we sure do have a lot of laughter!