May 4, 2012

I want to be like that

I want to be like the man I saw this morning, tap dancing at the bus stop.  He was happy and he wanted to dance.  So he did. 

I want to be like my almost three year old son.  Who lives wildly and loudly, seeking adventure and questioning everything.

I want to be like my step-sister Chelsea.  She knows what family really means and how to embrace and invite others into her heart with grace and ease. 

I want to be like my husband - how he puts much thought into his words before he speaks them and gives them to others.  

I want to be like the young woman I met at a seminar the other day.  She walked in and greeted every stranger with a smile, shook their hand and asked for their name.  She was kind and warm and lovely.

I want to be like Kristie.  She lives and breathes and writes from her heart and it takes courage and guts to do that.  I want to have more courage and guts.

I want to be like my Poppy and how he rises early every morning just to read and talk to God because he wants to do that with the whole of who he is.

I want to be like my cousin Anna.  Because she buys Starbucks for our military servicemen and women because she appreciates them and what they do for us and our country.

I want to be the kind of person who uses every crayon in the box.  Not just my favorites or the familiar ones.

I wonder if anyone else noticed the tap dancing man at the bus stop this morning.  I wonder if others thought he looked stupid or foolish.  I loved that he clearly didn't care.

I want to be like that.

I want to be that alive.


  1. Kristie is exceptional.

    I want you to know that I would be like you, and be just fine. You're exceptional.

  2. ;) ya know, you could take up tapdancing....
    i want to morph people into myself too.
    i just had a thought- you cant tell how long i sat here not typing, but it was for like 30 sec- that maybe people see stuff in us they want to assimilate into their own lives too, and we just sit around looking at each other and longing. i wonder what it would do to my life and those around me if i just flat out told them the stuff i see in them that i long for. what would that do to us?