May 2, 2012


You'll have to excuse me.  Because I spent the entire day at an HR seminar listening to this lady with amazingly awesome hair talk about things like FMLA and reasonable accommodation and exempt versus non-exempt employees.  It was thrilling.

Actually, it wasn't all that bad.  However, my brain is mushy and I'm sitting here spending this Wednesday night syncing old CD's to my...


So, I didn't even have one until a few weeks ago.  True story.  My awesome friend Mal saw on a previous blog entry that I didn't have an iPod, and this fact somewhat horrified her.  So much so, that she decided to gift me with her old one, and when she did, I almost cried.  Because I've wanted one forever and I've been surviving on Pandora for the past three years.

I feel that it's also important to note that upon gifting me with my little hot-pink gateway to better musicness, Mal named my iPod "Jenn's Wonderpod."  Because she is awesome and she so gets me.

Going through some of the CD's I've collected over the past years made me ask questions, like, "I spent 13.99 on this?  WTF?"   But it also made me remember some of the music I've horribly neglected. 

Like No Doubt.  For real, Tragic Kingdom was like the best No Doubt ever.  Don't Speak is my favorite.  And I can sing just like Gwen Stefani when I try really hard and strain my voice to the point of almost breaking my vocal chords.  I'm pretty awesome at that actually.


Oh and remember when Ryan Cabrera was like, all the rage?  Oh wait, was that just me that liked him and his incredibly bleach-blonde spiked hair?

And Creed!  How could I forget Creed?!  Their music takes me back to the semester at college where I wore a lot of black and spiked-studded belts and had spikey-ish hair.  I believe that's when I was in the middle of trying to figure out who I wasn't.  But Creed - their tunes were most definitely who I was.  

But, what's with their funky CD covers?  They're pretty bad maybe.

Oh and if you don't know me very well yet, than you might not know about my crazy obsession with Christmas music.  I start listening to it in October every year.  But, I love it and I buy almost every album that ever comes out.  Including this one.  

Don't judge me.  That girl can seriously sing Silent Night like nobody's business.

And then I found this and I was all, "Who the heck is Good Charlotte?  And why can't I remember any of their songs?"  Sorry Charlotte dudes.  Apparently, you are not memorable.

And with that, me and my little Wonderpod are off to the gym.  Because working out with music is way more fun.

To my epic friend Mal....this post is entirely dedicated to you my friend.  Without you, this semi-exciting post could have never been written.


  1. Okay, ALL of these CDs are probably the best of the 90s. I loved them too! Creed, Ryan Cabrera, and Christina Aguilera--Awesome! Glad you have a new hot pink ipod! Looks wonderful. You will love it.

  2. hahah. i love that you cant remember good charlotte.
    annnnd.......::aHEM:: i dont have an ipod, either...[maybe i should put this on my blog]