May 7, 2012

Jury Duty

I have jury duty today.  

I am mostly not excited about this because I have a job and I quite seriously can't afford to be off of work for more than a day.  However, that's not a reason to be exempt from such a thing.  

And maybe it's an honor and it's my civic duty and blah, blah, blah.  But I just have a horrible attitude about it entirely.

 So, when it's Monday morning and you're in a cold jury room praying they don't call your number, you need something to make you smile.

That being said, my weekend rocked:

There was date night with my husband where we ate some fabulous Italian food.

The Avengers.  


I most definitely don't regret going on opening night, paying an extra $2.50 convenience fee for advance tickets, or getting to the theater an hour and fifteen minutes early to guarantee a great seat.  Totally and completely worth it.

There was even time to read, play on Pinterest, do laundry and clean my bathroom.  Time for me and a little time to be productive too.

A Skype baby shower for my friend in Alaska and conversation with the sweetest of friends that I don't often get to see.

My giggly boy in his new plastic pool sporting his very own sunglasses.  (And I managed to NOT get a picture of this?!).  And yes, it's already hot enough to swim here.

Hello 97 degrees in May!

Todd's steak fresh off the grill.  Perfection.

My somewhat successful fake, at-home spray tan. Because my legs were pasty white and needed something.

And I say somewhat because my feet got a little over-sprayed and least now I know how not to spray them now.

An unexpected and much welcome thunderstorm.

We had a lovely time of worship at church and conversation with new friends.

A hug from Anna, newly returned from D.C.

Long overdue phone date with B.   

So, I hope your weekend was full of hugs and fake spray tans and plastic pools and yummy steaks and stuff.  Because all of it really was quite grand.

And now it's not just a Monday.  But jury duty Monday.


  1. that all sounds wonderful...a weekend full of yummy food, friends & family is most always perfection in my book!

  2. I don't know about this avengers business, apparently its' brilliant.

    I'd rather die then do Jury Duty, and according to fb, you're gonna be doing it for a long while, oh bless your poor heart.

    At home spray tan. This makes me nervous.

  3. Oh, jury duty. I had a week of jury duty at Christmas last year. It was pretty interesting but those were some long days! Crossing my fingers you don't get selected for trial!

    And Avengers was AWESOME. I totally loved it. Captain America is my favorite.

  4. Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend!

    Usually they will let you go if you don't get paid for being there and you have a job.

    1. Definitely not the case in Texas! It doesn't qualify as an exemption. So I'll be making no money exempt for the measly fee they pay us daily. And I got chosen and have to serve for TWO weeks!