June 26, 2012


I just got Instagram - literally days ago.  I'm a little behind, I know. 

The beauty of the instagramness that I'm now in love with, is that it has the possibility to capture these little life moments.  These small things that maybe don't look like much, but they can tell a story if you remember why you captured them.

Like how I lost the post-it battle with Tommy.  Because if I were three and there were a stack of colored papers that stuck to other things, I would probably want to do go a little crazy and put them EVERYWHERE too.  And besides, there will come a day when I will miss three-year old post-it messes on my bedroom floor.
So it could just be a picture of post-its.  Or could be a picture that reminds me where motherhood is both wonderful and messy.

Monday night is usually book club night.  I've been hosting six women in my home to read through a book called Listening to Love by Jan Meyers and talk about it together.  However, last night was an exception.  One of my friends was in dire need of some non-focused girl time where we had nothing better to do than talk silliness and indulge in adult beverages and chocolate deliciousness.

This dessert is quite seriously an experience.  It actually gives me goosebumps.

So it could just be a picture of the most lustful chocolate dessert ever.  Or it could be a reminder of a rich, sweet time with women who are quickly becoming very special and dear friends.  They care well for my heart.

All that to say, I'm all about the Instagram.  Capturing the small, the random, the not-so-insignificant.  The things that remind me of beauty and life and every day blessings that I don't want to ever take for granted.


  1. i was drooling over that dessert when I saw it on instagram! looks absolutely fabulous!

  2. I am OBSESSED with Instagram! And I'd totally love to be Instagram buddies with you! I'm not sure if you want to share your username, so I'll just say my Instagram handle is xxAmandaBethxx. Follow me if you don't mind me following you right back! :) xoxo