June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

Thoughts rumbling around on a Monday morning....

Anne Lamott is a genius.  

It's okay to be human.  
It's not okay to use that an excuse for being on-purpose stupid.

Marriage is both wonderful and lonely.  
And I simply don't understand how this can be.

I'd love to make a living being a personal shopper.
I'm pretty serious.  I have a gift.

Fifty Shades of interesting....

Two nights in a row of restless sleep = cranky.

Brown eyes and smiles.

Blog-friend conversations.

It's effing HOT.  Ninety-five at NIGHT is just unacceptable.

Instagram - I'm new.  And slightly obsessed.


  1. Jennifer, i've been meaning to tell your for a hundred years to set up your email via your blog so I can communicate with you, and other bloggers can in return. it will change blogging for you.

    You know.. so more blogger conversations.. ta dah!

    1. Haha, how do I do that? Just ask Kristie how technologically advanced I am. (o:

  2. 95 degrees is so unacceptable!

    Instagram is the best invention ever!

    I'll love to be a personal shopper too :)

  3. How are you liking 50 shades? I'm on the 2nd book.