June 18, 2012

Ranting and Raving

Warning:  This is a complete rant.  But it's Monday and I've decided that rants are totally allowed.

So there was this one time that we were trying to save money.  We cut up our credit cards and put more thought into what we bought and what we didn't.  And for me the sacrifices look like buying less clothes, making more meals at home and taking less frequent trips to the salon.

It was about that time though.  My hair was full of fried-damaged crap and it needed to come off.  I realized this when my hair started looking like the "before" pictures from the dry or damaged hair commercials.  Which by the way, no shampoo to my knowledge has ever cured this ailment. 

It was time for a haircut.  So instead of going to my usual place, I decided to go the cheap route and get a cut at what I will refer to us Unfantastic Samuel's.  (Interpret my code name as you will).  I heard they were cheap and what I was getting done was going to be simple.

I waited for almost 45 minutes because apparently everyone gets their hair cut on a Friday afternoon.  I almost wish I would have left and kept my hair and my money.

What I thought was a $10.99 cut was really a $17.99 cut because I was an adult and not a child.  And because I wanted it shampooed (because ew, my hair needed it and how do you go get your hair done and NOT have it washed?) and blow-dryed, it came out to their "special" of $26.99. 

At this point, it was still cheaper than my other place so I decided to be okay with this seeing as I was still going to be saving money.


To have it blow-dryed with the round brush was an extra $5.00.  And because my hair was a certain length and cut so short, it was an additional $5.00 for that as well.  That brought it to $36.99.  And add a 20-ish percentage tip, it was $43.00 bucks.  FORTY-THREE dollars.

During my hair wash the woman kept getting water on my face and splashed all over my clothes.  It made me wonder if she had ever done this before.  And when she went to dry my hair with the sacred and holy round brush experience, she took over 20 minutes (and I'm not exaggerating!) to do it.  I was ready to grab the brush and the dryer and do it myself.

I only ended up saving $7.  I spend $50 at my other place when I go there, getting the exact same services.  Although I would never have to wait that long, nor would it have taken the stylist a billion years to dry a short bob.  All I have to say is that there was absolutely nothing fantastic about my experience, I will never go back, and I left wishing I would have paid the extra $7 at my usual place.

Perhaps I am just a salon snob.  If so, I am totally okay with this.  Sometimes, in extreme situations where my hair is involved, it's necessary to be a snob.

To add insult to injury, I kind of hate it.  It's much shorter than I wanted and I thought it made my face look like a big round ball.  So not only was my entire salon experience a complete joke, but my hair didn't even look good.  *sigh*  (I warned you I was ranting).

But of course there is a silver lining.  Because don't you know that when you're having a bad hair day, all you need to do is post a picture to Facebook and 20 of your not-so-closest friends will comment on how awesome you look and boost your ego?

At least my hair got some rave reviews.


  1. you completely deserve to rant! how frustrating!

    I would be furious if I spent $44 for a haircut, especially a bad one. I guess in good ole' SW Missouri, we have it pretty dang good...I can get a haircut, style, & my eyebrows waxed at my salon for $31! yikes!

  2. Dangit, that is frustrating, but your cut totally rocks.

    I love that my family does hair, I have cheap hair.

  3. I'm so sorry. Which UnFanSams did you go to? Yiikes! Yeah, I hate it when they have those "secret" charges for something that you don't even need. You have a right to be furious, in my opinion. Although, I don't know how far they are from where you live, BUT Aveda Salon School near the Pearl Brewery is fairly inexpensive and everything is overseen by a professional. Maybe next time you could try that, AND their shampoo/conditioner is to die for!

    PS The hair looks great!
    PPS We still need to meet in person

  4. Ugh. That is the worst. Feeling like you wasted money makes me miserable. I'm sorry you did not have a great experience. But I will admit that you and your hair look good. :)

  5. I love your hair! Although, I've learned to just let them wet it down and cut it - then leave. LOL My hair always looks like crap when I leave the cheaper places if I let them mess with it too much.

  6. I go to Great Clips. $13 for an adult. Wash your hair before you go and dry it when you get home :) The 10th one is free.