June 19, 2012


Summer tastes like sunshine brewed iced tea and glossy, red popsicles, dripping on to three year old fingers.  It's frozen margaritas, home-cooked barbecue and strawberry shortcake. 

Summer is the smell of sweet sunscreen and burgers on the grill.  It's chlorine soaked hair, freshly squeezed lemons and salty sea-air.

Summer is the sound of cicada bugs singing their long melodies in Texas sized oak trees.  Of water splashing, children laughing and crashing ocean waves.  It's country music and rollercoasters clinking, clattering up to the very top.

Summer is soft beach towels and warm summer breezes.  It's celebration and laughter and blowing up plastic orange floaties.  It's long conversation and coffee over ice, tan lines and surprise road trips.

Summer is red, white and blue.  It's parties and adventure and a little too much sun. It's for flings and romance and tall-tales told on camping trips.

Summer is wearing polka-dot swim suits and worn out flip-flops. It's big sunglasses and vibrant pink nail polish and no make-up.

Summer is Tiffany blue skies and bright fuschia sunsets, neon fireworks in dark July skies and eyes sparkling with wonder.

Summer is taking a break from the routine, from the every-day.  It's creating time for rest and space to just be.  It's long and slow, like a beautiful ballad.

May you all have a summer that feels just like that.


  1. You need to print this post and frame it in a nice fancy frame for the living room wall. How poetic, beautiful and so true. Reading this made fond summer memories dance in my head and by the end of it I was smiling.

    I love summertime and I love this post!

  2. You make summer sound so desirable!! I think my favorites are the tastes of summer. The fact that I can indulge in frozen drinks and loads of ice cream is enough for me ;)

  3. Oh why this made me sad is beyond me.. something about the poetry of such a kind season.