July 11, 2012


- Nothing quite brings my lazy out like a good rainstorm.  It's day three of rumbling skies and waves of rain in South Texas.  This weather is pretty abnormal for July in my neck of the woods.  But I'll take it!

- I only wish I was home in my very favorite and forgiving stretchy lounge pants, watching something Jane Austenish and eating chocolate - it's my favorite rainy day ritual.  But instead, I'm at work and running errands and out driving in it and also having a helluva bad hair day because the humidity just makes it go flat and boring.

- Also, my little boy is home sick with some kind of tummy trouble and I wish I were there to snuggle him and watch cartoons and just being the mama-bear.  Those are the moments when it's hard to work.  *sigh*

- Todd told me last night that I was a dream-squasher.  Ouch.

- But it's true.  I've never been good at dreaming.  I'm much better at stomping all over everything and slandering it with my words and shutting down the dreamers around me - especially my husband.  It comes from that place where I just think nothing good will ever happen or work out the way that I want it to, so I crap all over it and make myself miserable.

- I wonder what it would be like if I stopped this and let myself dream with him.  Because Todd is very, very good at dreaming.  Maybe I have some things to learn from him there.

- I'm the new unofficial party-planner of the office.  (For the record though, I'm nothing like Angela).   Along with cake and a party-tray of chicken nuggets from Chickfila, I got some cheap tiaras and everyone got in the spirit for our co-worker's birthday - even the guys.  It was epic.
- Tommy is going to be three next Saturday.  THREE.  How is the possible?  Didn't I just have him?  I'm throwing a monster-truck party for him - though I'm keeping it simple this year and not getting carried away.  Well, that's the plan anyway.

- It's officially three hours and counting until I can head home and listen to the rain in the comfort of my stretchy pants.  Happy Wednesday ya'll.

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