August 22, 2012

a new day

It was in the air this morning.  Hope, change, autumn's promise to come.

I could smell it.  I felt it dance through my freshly washed hair.  I breathed it in and remembered that mornings are when I feel His presence most. 

God is in sunrises and breezes and amber colored light.  They tell me that He is for me and with me.  That I don't have to fear.  That He has me in His hands.  He deeply cares for my heart and it's why He continues to romance with mornings that I've come to love and find Him in.

He was there in the words of my father and my step-mom.  After I asked for what I needed, they responded and reached out.  Gave me life-giving words and good reminders and all of it felt sweet and redeeming and left me in awe of God and how He does things.  How He heals relationships and brings restoration to damaged places.

Tonight me and my unborn will be prayed for by some dear friends.  I'm aware of how much I need it and what it means to have people come along side of me who see the importance of lifting others up in prayer and that I'm worthy of their time on a Wednesday night to do that.

I hold my growing tummy and wonder about who is inside.  What our story will be together as I carry my precious little one.  I catch myself daydreaming about looking at their newly born face and holding a precious bundle in my arms all over again.  Wondering how I will contain the fullness of what it might possibly be like to be the mother of two precious miracles.

I breathe, and smile and relax a bit.  It's a new day.  There is nothing to fear.  I am loved and cared for and held. 

It was in the air this morning.  Hope, change, autumn's promise to come.

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