August 29, 2012

Makeshift Fridge - Day Three

Our kitchen is still in disarray and the fridge situation is still unresolved.  A friend of mine got it perfectly when she commented the other day and said, "Stupid fridge."  Because even though I'm trying to muster up some gratefulness, that attitude was better suited for Monday.

Today is Wednesday, and I'm still ice-chesting my eggs.

I stayed home sick yesterday and sipped on grape juice and chicken noodle soup and went in and out of napping mode the entire day because I seem to have some summer coldish thing which is now a fun cough.  

Last night there was tense conversation between Todd and I that sounded something like: what-the-heck-are-we-gonna-do-with-another-baby-and-how-on-earth-can-we-afford-this?  And: should-you-deliver-pizzas-again-and-how-long-can-I-keep-working?  And: omigoodness-we're-having-another-baby-and-why-does-this-feel-complicated-instead-of-simply-wonderful?


Then this morning came, as mornings always do.  I had to leave early to make it to my doctor's appointment which I was trying very hard to not be nervous over.  And just as I pulled out of my neighborhood, the sun was about to peek through the clouds.  

And I did what I normally do when there's a sunrise.  I pulled over and watched it come.  It's a miraculous thing - a beauty I never tire of seeing.  It seemed as though what I needed this morning was an early morning meeting with the Son.
And only an hour later, after I witnessed a dawn-filled sky turn amber and bright, I saw in the depths and darkness of my womb, another glimpse of our sweet baby.  The little one He is knitting and forming together inside of me, making fearfully and wonderfully as He does with all life.  What glorious tears I was able to cry.

So, this is life right now.  Chaotic and messy and in disarray.  Full of chicken soup and sneezes.  Tense conversations and tears and true, intimate, lasting deep relationship.  Much to be figured out and planned for.  Miraculous and amazing and abundantly full - all at the same time. 

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  1. And this is the beauty of life.

    Another beautifully written post. I love it!