August 10, 2012


Days like today where the heat comes down hard, I find myself wondering what it might be like to live somewhere that's cooler.  Where winter is what lasts long instead of summer.  Every August I'm ready for a cool down.  And every August I'm reminded that I have to wait until at least October before any real relief.

Clearly, I've still been daydreaming about fall decor and pumpkin pie and scarves. 

Butterscotch pudding.  It's what this baby wants when I have a sweet tooth.  Thankfully it's not terrible for me.

Last night I attended a women's ministry "brainstorming" meeting.  They wanted to pick the young married and young mom's brains about what our needs and wants our when it comes to focusing on ministering to the women of the church.  The theme of the night echoed again and again by the women present, was deep, intimate connection.  A longing to simply "do life" with a few other people.  All of it made my heart sing and reminded me that God has me exactly where He wants me.

I got a raise this week at work.  Very, very exciting.  And a huge blessing for us.

The weekend for me includes: Wreath-making, maternity clothes shopping, my step-mom's Mary Kay debut party, fajitas with my family, my cousin's bridal shower, and maybe-hopefully a trip to the movies to see the new Bourne flick. 

Don't ask me about next weekend though.  All I have to say about that, is  pregnancy is incredibly wonderful and amazing.  But it's SO not glamorous.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to enjoy my Friday. 


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