October 29, 2012

Ramping Up

The calendar is extra-full and somehow, busyness doesn't feel overwhelming or dreadful, but exciting instead.  It's almost as if it is the season for ramping up.  You can almost feel that the holidays are in the air and there is so much to look forward to.  Coziness and all of it's warmth and deliciousness seem to abound in forms of cocoa and slow-cooked meals and freshly baked-from-scratch goodies. The weather is cool and inviting.  Summer is clearly over.

Maybe it's because we just found out we're expecting our second son and my heart is still bursting with joy - especially now that I can plan and organize and make up a darling nursery for our little Jacob.  And maybe it's because it's simply the time of year where I feel the most like me.  Where planning and parties and holidays and gatherings and making things are part of the every-day and all of that brings me to a brighter life somehow.  I just have this energy and life that I always do this time of year.

Our week ahead promises to be full and busy.  But in the good kind of way.  In the way that I don't mind that there is little free time or me time for the next several days.

Costume finishing.  Youth group.  Picking out some worship songs to sing with my dad at an event a week from today - something he and I haven't done together in a very long, long time.  Halloween and taking our son trick-or-treating for the very first time while grilling hot dogs with friends from church.  Being reunited with a  much missed friend for her short visit here.  Getting a nursery underway.

And it's nearly November.  The season of gratitude and thanksgiving and taking the time to remember what is truly important in our lives.

I love the bustle of activity.  Probably more so this year because I know that most of winter will be spent in my third trimester when I'll need to slow down and take it easy and rest and prepare for the new life that spring will bring to me.  It's as if I want to do as much as I can before a new season of life and motherhood arrives and changes everything all over again. 

Until then though, I'm enjoying the energy my body has at 21 weeks pregnant.  And I'm loving the fun kind of busy this time of year holds. 

Halloween teaser:  I'm just a little bit in love with a very precious Captain America....

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