October 10, 2012

Swapping some fall

I've heard of these before - blog swaps.  Where you meet someone new via blog-world, get together a little box of goodies to mail and wait for your own to arrive.  But I've never done one myself.

After I came across Kristin at Vignette's a few months ago though, when she announced she was orchestrating a fall blog swap, I decided - why not join in?  I love fall!

I was paired up with Beth over at Our Journey's Beginning.  Both Beth and I are expecting a baby - though she's a bit closer to meeting her little one than I am.  It was so fun exchanging e-mails and blogs with someone I had never met or come across before.  Beth lives all the way over in Virginia, where unlike myself, she gets to see the trees changing colors and experiences a more legitimate autumn than what I have to manufacture down here deep in the heart of Texas.

The shopping was maybe the best part - but only because I love shopping for goodies so much.  We were given a $20 budget and it's amazing what you can find when you look for deals.  I made Beth a mini-fall wreath and found some fun fallish things to send her way - like a yummy smelling apple pie candle, a fun scarf, nail polish and some fun things to use for baking.  I had a blast shopping and getting her box together.

Mine arrived over the weekend!
Beth found all sorts of great goodies!  A colorful scarf, yummy smelling candles, candy corn, a jar of ready-to-bake oatmeal cookie ingredients, a fun fall leaf kitchen towel and a hand-painted Harvest sign.
When we e-mailed back and forth, I told Beth that I had so much fall decor that I didn't really need much.  But that I had been on the hunt for a little black crow and hadn't been able to find anything I liked yet.  I was so excited to find a cute black crow in my box of goodies that she sent over!
Beth sprinkled in some fall leaves in my box which made me smile.  She shared some of her Virginia autumn with this Texas gal and I loved it.

So, thanks to my new friend Beth for spoiling me with goodies.  And to Kristin for hosting such a fun swap.  Maybe they'll be another one for Christmas?


  1. Love your goodies from Beth! I've always wanted to do a blog swap! It looks like so much fun! Hopefully when I'm back in the states I'll be able to participate!

  2. Beth is my sister and we had fun shopping together, so nice to see your blog!

  3. OK - I am drooling, I want some of that delicious candy that I see peeking out of the box! I received a beautifull wreath - I Love how each box is just so different :) xo

  4. Such lovely treasures! That candy corn sure does look appealing right about now . . .

  5. First of all, I love everything that made it into your box! Secondly, how cool is it that you two were able to make this connection through the swap?? This is why I love blogging.

  6. Hooray for new friendships :-). So glad you enjoyed your little taste of fall-in-the-mail Jennifer! Looks like you got some super adorable things. Love the cookie mix idea...I'm busy filing ideas away for next year ;-). Hope your week has been a good one, and so glad to have you participate in the swap this year!

  7. What a great basket to receive!!