October 19, 2012


I'm particularly excited for this weekend.  Because it's October and it feels fallish.  I'm even wearing a scarf and I'm not sweating. 

I plan on finishing yet another fall yarn wreath.  I can't stop making them ya'll. And yes, at some point, I plan on making them to sell - but probably more on a local level rather than online.  I checked out Etsy and it seems as though everyone has a yarn wreath shop there.  Though I can't say I blame them - they're so much fun to make!
I'll be finishing up my very silly, dumbish Halloween costume for the contest we're having at work.  I totally stole the idea from Pinterest, but what is Pinterest good for if you're not stealing ideas from it?

We are taking our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday.  Tommy especially loves going.  And I especially love hearing him say "ponkin."
I'll probably do some more cleaning and nesting.  And laundry - my favorite!

We're hosting our third annual pumpkin carving party on Sunday and I'm pretty sure we'll have a packed house this year.  I can't wait to see the creations that everyone comes up with this time around.

My awesome jack o lantern and matching facial expression, circa 2011.
And it will be the last weekend of not knowing WHO we are having in March.  Because next weekend I'll SO be working on the nursery!  I am so antsy and SO itching to get started on crafty nursery projects.

(Is it obvious that I have had caffeine this morning in addition to having the I-feel-awesome second trimester mojo?)

I'm not a big "here's my pregnant belly every week blogger."  But I did wake up yesterday and it seemed apparent that I was quite with child.  This is the part where you can tell me how radiant and glowy I look.
I hope your weekend is full of pumpkins and all things October.  Happy Friday!


  1. that wreath is beautiful! I would totally buy one if you were making them to sell...do you think they will hold up being hung outside for the fall season?

  2. random note, but you have such a beautiful face!

  3. Oh baby, we find out so soon.. don't we.

    I say we like I'm involved because I am claiming that I am.

  4. You look great! I was just looking back to find out if you said if you were having a boy or a girl yet, guess my answer is I have to wait a bit longer!