November 6, 2012

like old times

It felt like it always felt.  Not like she was really five million miles away from Texas and our conversations happen over the phone rather than face-to-face.

But yesterday was like old times.  Visiting in real time, eating salads and sharing life.  There seemed to be more tears than laughter this time around.  Probably because of all that our hearts are holding.  Where life is both full and lonely,  and wonderful and discouraging all at the same time - because life always comes with some good and some bad in it.  We took comfort knowing that we felt like we were in the exact same place in life.  Even in our loneliness, it feels less lonely to know what we were going through was familiar for the other.

But I was grateful for her face.  For her smile and tears and hugs.  For conversation and for the time she made for me during her short and very full time here.

Today, I'm missing my friend and the connection and closeness we shared when she lived here.  Knowing that she is irreplaceable - there will simply never be another Bethany.  I'm feeling grateful that we could pick up right where we left off - as if we were used to meeting up for lunch on a Monday afternoon.

And that even though distance changes friendship, it hasn't taken it away.

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