November 8, 2012

The week

Monday and Tuesday:  I'm on this tomato basil soup and grilled cheese sandwich kick.  Even not being that cold outside, I still want to eat it every night for dinner.

Monday night:  Through the "Cough of Doom - 2012" I sang with my dad and my sister a long set of worship music at a small event for my former youth pastor.  It's been a very long time since I've sung with either of them - especially my sister.  But God....He heals and restores and makes all things new - even broken relationships.  Hearing our voices blend and harmonize naturally together (being sisters and all) was one of the sweetest sounds I've heard in a long time.  It reminded me that redemption comes in many forms and how amazing to be able to hear such a thing.  

Tuesday:  The nursery is officially under construction.  We picked out a shade of gray for the walls and so far, I'm loving how it's looking.  I can't wait until the furniture gets painted too and things start looking like a baby's room.  Oh, the nesting part of this baby prepping stuff is so much fun!  Although, Todd might feel a bit differently about this process as he is the painter of my nursery vision.

Tuesday afternoon:  My boss placed an order for three fall wreaths this week - my first official order ever. Though I have two more to finish before tomorrow and I have a feeling I'll be up late tonight getting them done.

Tuesday late afternoon:  I was so sleepy that I somehow fell asleep on the toilet at work for almost fifteen minutes.  Just wow.

Tuesday night:  I didn't watch the election results.  I went to bed at 9:30 as soon as I finished yarn wreath number one.  Seeing as I fell asleep on the toilet earlier in the day, an early bedtime was necessary.

Wednesday morning:  Had to keep from smashing Facebook.  Seriously - all the negativity about the election drove me bonkers.

Wednesday evening:  Dinner drama.  We've been attempting to get Tommy to eat what we're eating at dinner time and any time he doesn't like it, there is usually massive meltdowns and explosions and all of it is so very tiring. 

Wednesday night:  Youth Group  - I love youth group.  I love my teen girls.  I love having conversations with them.  I love being there.  Even feeling tired and sleepy and having a full plate, it never feels tiring and or too full when I'm there.

Thursday morning:  I read this.  "Healing in one area of your life and not in another doesn't mean that there is failure.  It means God is at work."  I love that and I SO needed it.

Thursday later morning:  My co-worker brought me Starbucks.  Not that I need the caffeine, but oh, it's so wonderful. And my bouncing off the walls baby boy agrees with me!

Later today Thursday:  Going to Hobby Lobby to purchase one more wreath for my first order.  Make the wreaths.  And perhaps make something other than tomato basil soup for dinner.

Weekend forecast:  Friday date night!  Which includes seeing Skyfall on opening night (because I'm a James Bond-aholic-fanatic) and driving to the Houston area to meet up with a long time friend on Saturday.  I might be equally excited about both events.

Now - to finish my coffee and buzz through my work!  Happy Thursday!


  1. you did not fall asleep on the toilet. you didn't.

    that is so dang funny.

  2. ha! I definitely laughed out loud about the toilet situation!

    Ughh..Elyse is such a good eater right now, I'm not looking forward to the toddler troubles with dinnertime!

    Skyfall is on our to-do list next weekend! yay for a date night!

  3. Oh, I love that you fell asleep on the toilet. Sometimes, they are just so comfortable, so I wouldn't blame you.

  4. We really were meant to be friends!! I love James Bond so much! We saw it Friday night and I LOVED it!! What did you think?