December 24, 2012


The cookies are baked and decorated.

A little boy is bored out of his mind waiting for Christmas to finally get here.  He keeps asking when it will snow.  Do you think it could happen in 70 degree weather?

I'm cleaning and cooking and preparing for tonight's Christmas Eve dinner and celebration with Todd's parents - the new tradition we started last year.

When I stop to rest in between all that needs to be done today, my littlest one kicks and moves within me reminding me of miracles and healing and all that I have to treasure this Christmas.
Tomorrow we will awake and spend the morning with my parents and siblings.  It's something we haven't done with them in four very long years.
The anticipation is absolutely glorious. 

And my heart is unbelievably, overwhelmingly, about-to-burst-with-joy full.


  1. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! I got you a little gift :)

  2. Your table is beautiful. Hope you're having a wonderful day with Todd's family and getting to savor the moment! Merry Christmas!

  3. I hope you + your family had a wonderful Christmas! :) xoxo, eliza