December 17, 2012

Because I Could

Our little family stayed in on Friday night.  I plugged in White Christmas and played with toy trucks on the floor with my boy.  Todd grilled some steak on our fire-pit and later we roasted marshmallows.

I held my three year old miracle close to me.  I cried some as I thought of the moms and dads in Connecticut who couldn't do what we were doing that night because their children had been taken from them.  My heart was broken.  Some tragedies hit you deeply even if it doesn't directly happen to you. 

But the weekend was spent staying close it seemed.

I held my boy tight and let him stay up past his bed time because he asked to snuggle with me. 
I read him extra books and played more games.  We baked cookies and made play dough creations.
There were moments that I kissed his sweet head with tears in my eyes.  Just because he was there and he was safe and he was with us.  And because I can't even begin to imagine my son being torn away from me in such a quick scene of terrifying violence. 
I don't think I take Tommy's life with us for granted.  I feel as though normally I enjoy him and feel the impact of his life on ours deeply.  Even still, the tragedy of Friday's horrific elementary school shooting left me shaken to my core and wanting to keep him close to me.  Wanting to protect and shelter my son from every awful thing in this sad and broken world and knowing that I have absolutely no control.
And I held him and played with him and loved on him because I could.  Not everyone in our world was able to say that on Friday night. 

I hope your weekend was full of hugs and kisses and love and affection for all of those that  you hold dear and near to your heart.  That you cherished the ones you love because for the moment, they are safe and they are with you.  Love them and stay close...because for this can.


  1. aaaww his sooo cute :) x